InstaVolt partners with Everrati to power iconic electric cars into the future

InstaVolt and Everrati have joined forces to provide rapid public charging to some of the world’s most iconic and classic cars. Leading rapid public charging network InstaVolt, have partnered with Everrati who develop the world’s most iconic electric cars, working together to bring modern charging technology to Everrati vehicles.

Everrati was founded to further the legacies of some of the most desirable cars in the world and redefining them with state-of-the-art electric drivetrains. Each Everrati vehicle, which to date includes Mercedes-Benz SL Pagoda’s and Porsche 911’s, is restored by the company’s experienced engineering team using the latest design technologies. The cars are then fitted with a brand-new, custom-designed electric power unit and battery pack, leading to enhanced performance and a zero-emission future.

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Following the new partnership, InstaVolt are now the recommended rapid and ultra-rapid public charging provider for Everrati. Drivers purchasing an Everrati car will now receive a personalised package. This includes a personalised radio frequency identification (RFID) for use on all InstaVolt chargers, a network of more than 550 chargers nationwide. Everrati customers will also be able to take advantage of ongoing InstaVolt promotions and benefits.

Adrian Keen, InstaVolt CEO, said: “We’re excited about this partnership as it supports our notion for a cleaner future. Everrati transforms the most beautiful and iconic classic cars we know and love and reinvents them for an electrified future.

“Everrati customers can now enjoy the full potential of their electrified classics, confident that they can top up using the UK’s most reliable electric charging network whilst continuing to protect the environment, as our network is 100 percent renewably powered.”

Justin Lunny, Everrati CEO, said: “Our vision is to create the world’s most iconic electric cars – redefining iconic internal combustion engine ‘ICE’ cars into cosmetically improved, zero-emission vehicles. Our cars are designed to be driven and enjoyed.

“With InstaVolt as our recommended public charging network, our customers will be sure they can access highly reliable, rapid charging whenever they need it. The personalised RFID card and providing our customer access to InstaVolt’s promotions and additional benefits, all adds to the experience we offer each Everrati customer.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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