Inside Tesla’s game-changing Wall Connector update 

  • Tesla upgrades Wall Connector with in-app features for all EMEA EV owners.
  • The 3rd-gen Wall Connector offers affordability, versatility, and optimized charging.

Tesla’s Wall Connector has just become a whole lot smarter

Tesla introduces a suite of in-app features for its Wall Connector that enhance the charging experience for EV owners across the EMEA region. This development extends benefits that were previously exclusive to Tesla owners to a wider audience.

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The 3rd generation Wall Connector connects to Wi-Fi, enabling over-the-air firmware updates to keep users up to date with the latest features. This update opens the Wall Connector’s functionality to all EV owners equipped with a Type 2 charge port through a dedicated app.

In-app features include scheduling charging sessions, monitoring real-time status, accessing detailed charge history, remote schedule overrides, and customizing settings. It’s a comprehensive offering, optimizing the charging experience for every EV owner.

The Wall Connector’s affordability adds to its appeal, making it suitable for homeowners, apartment residents, and businesses. It delivers 200-240 V AC charging, offering up to 22 kW of power on a three-phase electric grid, translating to an impressive 71 km of added range per charging hour.

Its design allows for easy installation indoors or outdoors, adaptable to various electrical systems. However, installation must be carried out by a certified electrician for safety and compliance. Households with multiple EVs can benefit from power sharing to meet diverse charging needs.

The 3rd generation Wall Connector can deal with various scenarios, complete with a generous 7.3-meter cable. Priced at £475, excluding installation costs, it remains an affordable and accessible charging solution for EV owners.

Tesla’s Wall Connector update, introducing in-app features, marks a significant step forward in democratizing and optimizing the EV charging experience. This development benefits a broader community of EV owners while maintaining affordability and accessibility as core principles of the offering.

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