Innovative calculator shows UK car drivers how switching to an electric car can help tackle climate change

Other Way, a climate startup for the mobility sector, has launched the Climate Wheels app. This is the first of its kind, to help people understand the full carbon footprint of any car in the UK and compare it to a new electric vehicle (EV). Built using Other Way’s EV.tool software, Climate Wheels aims to inform over 10 million driver choices over the coming decade. 

Early adopters chose electric cars because of their green credentials, however, as electric vehicles become a mainstream product, the uncertainty of the environmental benefit remains among the general population. 

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The idea that electric vehicles generate more greenhouse gases in the UK than petrol or diesel is a known misconception in 2022. The Climate Wheels app helps change this. 

Founded in 2021, Other Way makes climate emissions data from transport sectors accessible, engaging and affordable. Other Way’s offering includes the following services to mobility and software businesses: 

1. Data: Access to accurate emissions calculations via API integration, CSV download or web delivery. 

2. Platform: Storage and management of carbon emissions calculations for carbon labelling of services
and products. 

3. Consulting: A helping hand to ensure the right data is used for any journey and any vehicle in the

Alexander Lewis-Jones, Other Way founder, said: “Over the last five years, there has been a near consensus in academic literature that driving an electric car is better for the climate than a petrol or diesel equivalent. While many of us accept that conclusion, actually understanding the full impact of your own car choice is quite difficult. 

“We wanted to help people understand this nuance by presenting data in a more personal way. By calculating carbon footprints for the cars that individuals own, and the electric cars they may switch to, the Climate Wheels app powers evidence-based conversations and, ultimately, guides climate-conscious choices. 

“What surprised us was that the carbon emissions savings can vary from negligible to tremendous from one car to the next. With so many drivers saying their next car will be electric, there’s a good chance this switch will be the single greatest climate action they make this decade.”

The app is simple to use and offers some helpful advice for those thinking of making the switch to zero emissions driving. We compared a 2004 Mini Cooper petrol car that drives around 3,000 miles per year with modern Fiat 500e 24kWh electric car. 

The calculator shows that the switch will cut climate emissions by 55 per cent. That’s 22 tonnes of greenhouse gases avoided with this switch. This is the same as wiping out a British citizen’s carbon footprint for two years and eight months. When climate-conscious drivers see this, hopefully, it will encourage them to switch to driving an electric car. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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