INEOS reveals the all-electric Fusilier 4×4, beating the electric Defender to the table

  • British 4×4 brand, INEOS Automotive, launched its first vehicle, the Grenadier, back in 2022, which has only been available with petrol or diesel powertrains.
  • With the now-revealed INEOS Fusilier,, buyers will now be able to purchase a utilitarian 4×4 with the option of a fully-electric powertrain or a range-extending petrol-electric solution.
  • The release is significant, beating Jaguar Land Rover’s planned fully-electric Defender, yet to be revealed – the car that the INEOS lineup is designed to compete with.

Meet the INEOS Fusilier

The Fusilier is the third off-road vehicle to be released by the brand, but the first to be available with a fully-electric powertrain. It’s slightly lower and shorter than its Grenadier sibling, making it easier to place on the road, but INEOS is still promising class-leading off-road ability. We’ve not seen many fully-electric 4x4s that can properly handle the rough stuff just yet, other than EVs such as the GMC HUMMER EV and Rivian’s lineup. However, with the abundance of torque available from an electric motor, the Fusilier should continue to prove to other 4×4 manufacturers that electric powertrains are the perfect option for off-roaders.

In a similar fashion to the setup once available on the BMW i3, the electric Fusilier will also have the option of a small petrol engine, not connected to the wheels but rather an electricity generator that tops up the battery for added range. However, with even the cheapest electric cars nowadays offering at least 200 miles of range, range isn’t likely to be an issue for many. There’s no exact specs on the electric motor or battery, but INEOS will be releasing more details, including a launch date, in autumn this year.

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Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Chairman of INEOS, said:

“The Fusilier is a great looking vehicle, and the two powertrain options provide a real-world reduction in carbon emissions without compromise to the off-road capability or the on-road performance. We’re excited to bring our electric 4X4 to market but we are beginning to understand the clear limitations of battery electric in certain situations. We believe the addition of a range extender electric to our line-up will offer our customers a very low emission drive without the range anxiety drivers of electric vehicles experience today.”

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