IMPROVED Corporate Finance celebrates the next decade of innovation

  • IMPROVED Corporate Finance celebrates its 10-year anniversary with “Future IMPROVED” event on Sep 14, 2023.
  • The event showcases clean technology innovations with expert discussions and research release.
  • Recognising cleantech pioneers and investors with Future IMPROVED Awards.

IMPROVED Corporate Finance reaches its 10-year anniversary on September 14th, 2023.

To celebrate this occasion, they are hosting a remarkable event called “Future IMPROVED”. The event will showcase the next decade of innovation in technology, energy, and mobility, focusing on sustainability and climate action.

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Key decision-makers from the global cleantech ecosystem will engage in pivotal discussions, planning a roadmap towards net-zero.

A key highlight will be an exclusive research release by The Economist Impact. Commissioned by IMPROVED, the report explores the investment gap between climate technology and sustainability goals. This research will offer essential insights for policymakers, investors, and industry leaders to make critical steps towards a carbon-neutral economy.

Bruce Usher, a renowned author of “INVESTING IN THE ERA OF CLIMATE CHANGE” and Professor at Columbia Business School, will deliver a keynote address. Bruce will share his expertise on how pioneers and industry leaders in the public and private sectors can navigate the intersection of business and climate action.

Ryan Fisher, Head of Charging Infrastructure at BloombergNEF, will present expert analysis of the latest innovation and investment trends in Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and clean energy infrastructure, offering valuable insights for cleantech stakeholders.

The event will also include an expert panel discussion featuring an array of tier-1 cleantech investors. This discussion will explore the future landscape of climate tech investments, providing unique perspectives and opportunities for attendees.

Lastly, IMPROVED will recognise groundbreaking cleantech entrepreneurs and investors through the prestigious “Future IMPROVED Award Ceremony.” The awards will be presented in three categories: Pioneer Award, Growth Award, and Infrastructure Award, honouring exceptional contributions to advancing clean technology.

Interested participants can register through the provided link and will receive a streaming link closer to the event date.

With thought-provoking discussions, groundbreaking research, and recognition of remarkable innovation, this event promises to inspire and propel the cleantech industry towards a more sustainable and prosperous future.

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