IM Motors launches 1,000 km range solid-state battery vehicle

  • SAIC’s subsidiary, IM Motors, has just launched the IM L6 saloon in China, marking the first production EV available with the revolutionary solid-state battery technology.
  • With the IM L6’s 130kWh battery offering around 1,000km / 621 miles of range on a single charge, the car offers a glimpse into the future of EV ranges.
  • Increased distance between chargers with these forms of EVs could be just what’s needed to convince longer-distance drivers to make the switch, further charging up the EV revolution.

Meet the IM L6 solid-state EV

IM Motors are calling the batteries within the IM L6 ‘semi-solid-state’, as they still contain a liquid electrolyte surrounding the solid material, in a similar form to conventional Li-ion batteries. This setup still reaps the benefits of solid-state batteries, with the reduced number of components needed saving space and increasing energy density. This allows more range to be squeezed into all classes of EVs. Other manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Nissan, and Toyota have all begun investing in these batteries, but it seems IM Motors have beat these makers to the line.

The semi-solid-state setup will be available on the top range IM L6 ‘Lightyear Max’, starting at 330,000 yuan – equivalent to around £36,600 / $45,600. Alongside that 1000km range capability, up to 400km can be added at a 400kW-capable chargepoint in just 12 minutes. IM Motors is only sold within China for now, but with a whole raft of EV manufacturers entering Europe, watch this space.

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