Icelandic ON Power scales up electric vehicle (EV) charging service offering with Etrel

ON Power, an electricity supplier and charging service provider based in Iceland, is partnering with Etrel, a Landis+Gyr company, to accommodate the growth of electric vehicle (EV) registrations in the country. Together, they have configured a dynamic and robust system that will enable ON Power to expand its charging infrastructure and provide a seamless and user-friendly charging experience.

Etrel OCEAN is a scalable EV charge point and energy management platform that provides monitoring and management of residential, business and public charging locations from a single cloud-based tool. The hardware-agnostic system enables ON Power to transfer the existing operations and expand with the market needs, regardless of implemented charging hardware or location.

Hrafn Leó Guðjónsson, ON Power product manager, said: “Iceland has the second largest share of newly registered EVs in Europe, which makes a rapid and stable rollout of EV charging infrastructure of paramount importance.

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“Ensuring the scalability of the system with technology that allows us to keep pace with the demands of the market was key in our decision to use Etrel OCEAN.”

ON Power launched its EV charging business in 2014, becoming one of the first EV charge point operators and emobility service providers in the country. With the EV registrations in Iceland exceeding 60 per cent share in 2022 and a solid trajectory for further growth, the Icelandic company turned to the market in search of a new charging infrastructure management solution that would allow them to grow with the market whilst ensuring a stable uptime and good customer experience.

Iceland has the second highest market share of electric vehicles in the world after Norway. Adoption here is relatively simple because fossil fuels must be imported and are therefore more expensive because of higher transport costs. Iceland has plenty of cheap electricity because of the country’s abundant renewable energy production.

According to statista, revenue in the electric vehicles market is projected to reach $612.10 million in 2023, with revenue expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.65 per cent. This will result in a projected market volume of $734.20 million by 2027. 

Electric vehicle market unit sales are expected to reach 11,555.7 vehicles in 2027 in Iceland. Battery electric vehicles are expected to represent 95 per cent of the market share by 2027, almost completing a full transformation from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. 

Rok Poteko, Etrel head of software sales, said: “With a charging network consisting primarily of residential chargers, it is important to ensure a familiar and connected charging experience for customers at home and on the go.

“We brought ON Power closer to their users with a white label solution; allowing the company to apply custom configurations from branding and subscription methods to payment types and tariffs.”

In the second phase of the rollout, ON Power will use Etrel OCEAN’s extensive API database, which will enable tight integration with ON Power’s trusted ERP and CRM systems, further improving its operations.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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