Hypervolt brings EVs to the forefront with Fifth Gear YouTube partnership

  • Hypervolt partners with Fifth Gear on YouTube to reach UK’s million EV owners.
  • Focus on showcasing EV charging tech and dispelling decarbonization myths.
  • Strategic move to shape narrative in the growing electric vehicle landscape.

Hypervolt, home EV charging specialists, partner with the Fifth Gear YouTube channel to reach nearly one million electric vehicle (EV) owners in the UK.

Fifth Gear, the reborn automotive entertainment giant, has redirected its focus toward EVs. With this new direction, the show has amassed almost one million subscribers online. The collaboration with Hypervolt will leverage Fifth Gear’s YouTube reach and credibility to spotlight Hypervolt’s cutting-edge EV charging technology.

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The partnership unfolds with a dedicated advertorial featuring Grace Webb from Fifth Gear, showcasing Hypervolt’s Home 3 Pro charger. Emphasis is on ease of installation and the tangible benefits for EV owners.

David Woodford, Head of Partnerships at Hypervolt, stated:

 “We are immensely proud to have sustainably powered the EV revolutions of tens of thousands of drivers since 2021, however, we live in a time where misinformation around decarbonisation is pervasive and is intensifying. Team Hypervolt are therefore delighted to be aligning with a stalwart of the British motoring press, a hugely credible partner who shares our commitment to becoming the go-to source for trustworthy and digestible information on all things EV.”

The partnership launches today, the January 19th, marking the debut of the advertorial on Fifth Gear’s YouTube channel. Subsequent weeks will see the continued integration of Hypervolt’s presence across upcoming EV-related content.

Tom Clint, Head of Digital at North One, Fifth Gear’s Production Company, commented:

“We are delighted to welcome Hypervolt as our official YouTube sponsor for Fifth Gear. Electric Vehicles are reshaping the automotive landscape, and we are eager to bring our viewers exclusive content in partnership with Hypervolt that the Fifth Gear audience will love.”

This collaboration underscores a broader industry trend. Key players align forces to disseminate accurate information and cater to the growing community of EV enthusiasts. As the automotive landscape undergoes a paradigm shift, such partnerships become instrumental in shaping the narrative and guiding consumers through the burgeoning EV revolution.

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