Hypervolt and OVO Energy are slashing home charging prices in a new partnership

  • OVO Energy partners with Hypervolt to offer Charge Anytime, reducing home EV charging costs to 7p/kWh.
  • Charge Anytime, powered by Kaluza, optimizes low-cost charging, saving customers over £7.5 million and 400 tonnes of emissions.
  • The partnership aligns with OVO’s sustainability goals and Hypervolt’s renewable energy focus, enhancing affordable EV charging in the UK.

OVO Energy and Hypervolt join forces for affordable home EV charging

OVO Energy and Hypervolt are partnering to offer an innovative and cost-effective EV charging solution. This collaboration brings OVO’s Charge Anytime add-on to Hypervolt customers, promising substantial savings and increased convenience for home charging.

Charge Anytime allows EV owners to charge their vehicles at a market-leading rate of 7p per kilowatt-hour (kWh). That translates to approximately 2p per mile, nearly four times cheaper than the national average. 

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Hypervolt’s Head of Partnerships, David Woodford said: 

“Hypervolt is a culture of advocates, each and every member of our team is highly motivated to aid in Britain’s journey to net-zero. Everything done over the past three years feeds into building a platform to enable individuals and families to make meaningful steps in cutting their carbon footprint. Our partnership with OVO is a testament to this commitment, which will see our customers truly rewarded for having an EV.”

Since its inception in 2023, Charge Anytime has already saved customers over £7.5 million and prevented nearly 400 tonnes of carbon emissions. Now, Hypervolt’s customer base can benefit from these savings. Hypervolt is a prominent domestic EV charging brand in the UK with nearly 100,000 units installed. 

Charge Anytime’s smart software, powered by Kaluza, automatically adjusts charging times to take advantage of low-emission and low-cost periods. This allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles anytime, day or night. That could reduce their annual charging costs to just £190, making it one of the UK’s most competitive tariffs.

OVO’s Director of EV, Alex Thwaites said: 

‘’OVO is committed to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles and this partnership will help do just that by extending affordable charging to more customers than ever before. This is good news for EV drivers and is also part of our wider commitment to helping customers cut costs and carbon.”

The collaboration between OVO Energy and Hypervolt is driving down home charging prices for those lucky enough to have a driveway. The combination of OVO’s industry-leading tariff and Hypervolt’s award-winning charge point forms a formidable alliance.

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