Humax expands into the EV home charger market 

  • Humax launches ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger in UK, prioritising residential convenience and aesthetics.
  • Features include solar compatibility, real-time insights, safety, and a 3-year warranty.
  • President Jeff Kim commits to sustainability, smart home integration, and dedicated support.

Humax extends home tech speciality into the EV home charger market

Humax is a prominent name in digital TV recorders and smart home technology. Now, its making its debut in the UK’s electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape. With over three decades of experience in manufacturing and automotive mobility, the South Korea-based company is expanding its reach into Europe, starting with a strategic foray into the UK market.

The spotlight is on the Humax ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger, a product designed with residential ease in mind. Striking a balance between aesthetics and functionality, the charger offers both wall-mounted and pedestal configurations. Designed for user-friendliness, the interface operates seamlessly, whether manually controlled or accessed through the Humax ECORD Mobile App.

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To ensure a seamless customer experience, Humax actively partners with a service provider, currently undisclosed. This collaboration will streamline surveys, installations, and post-installation support services, catering to the diverse needs of customers across the UK. During online purchasing on the Humax ECORD website, users can conveniently select home installation services.

Beyond the marketing gloss, the Humax ECORD comes with a 4m or 7m Type 2 Cable. That offers adaptability to diverse installation scenarios. The charging sessions are controllable through the Humax ECORD Mobile App. This provides real-time insights via the front LED indicator and app interface, promising a user-centric experience.

Humax’s President, Jeff Kim, commented:

“Humax is recognised for its manufacturing heritage, its reliability and strong customer service across a wide range of sectors from TV devices to mobility solutions. The ECORD 7.4kW Home Charger is the first model in our EV charging series, confirming our commitment to sustainability and the smart home ecosystem. The EV charger range will be supported by a dedicated team of Humax customer service professionals, with a smooth installation process and outstanding post-purchase care assured by our trusted service partner.”

Delving into the technical aspects, the ECORD charger emphasizes its solar compatibility. This feature allows users to tap into excess energy from their home PV systems for EV charging. Operating in ‘Solar’ or ‘Solar and Grid’ modes, it acims to optimise the utilisation of solar energy, supplemented by grid power for a fully charged vehicle when needed.

Safety and durability are paramount considerations, with the ECORD boasting an IP65-rated water- and dust-proof housing, built-in PEN fault protection, RFID technology, and current detection mechanisms. These elements underscore the reliability of the charging infrastructure.

The home charger market is an ever competitive battlefield. However, Humax’s specialism in home tech will set it in good stead.

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