Hugely successful Decarbonisation Summit returns today

Today sees the return of the hugely successful Decarbonisation Summit. The event is delivered by Green.TV Media, the world-leading sustainability multi-media company, in partnership with SSE Energy Solutions.

The summit propels a vision for a decarbonised future across the globe, inspires change, initiates action and amplifies a range of vital voices in the race to zero emissions. 

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This year’s Decarbonisation Summit takes place over the next two days (7/8 June) at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, a prestigious venue in one of the most prolific cities in the UK’s journey to net-zero. 

The Decarbonisation Summit brings together speakers from a wide range of sectors to share their ideas, visions and breakthroughs via in-person and online panels. The event builds a network of pioneers who will be invaluable on the road to net zero.

From politicians and CEOs, to graduate students and climate activists, everyone has a part to play in decarbonisation. The 2022 summit is going to bring these figures together to make a real difference.

A full list of the Decarbonisation Summit panels can be found here.

With regard to zero emissions transport, there is a specific electric vehicle (EV) panel, EV UK, with big-name speakers and leaders from within the industry. This panel is sponsored by Shell’s ubitricityand the speakers are:

SSE: Kevin Welstead

Be.EV: Asif Ghafoor

ubitricity: Poppy Mills

ADL (Alexander Dennis): Chris Gall (Group Engineering Director)

Go-Ahead London: Richard Harrington

The summit also has another clean transport panel, Active Travel Britain, which will be of interest to ElectricDrives readers. This has the following speakers:

Brompton: Julian Scriven

SSE: Eunice Mabey

Pure Electric: Adam Norris

Transport for London/DFT/Active Travel England: Dame Sarah Storey

It’s worth noting that within this panel there is a focus on electric bikes. These are an important part of zero-emissions transport representing the largest electric vehicle sales worldwide.

Another big name involved with the summit are sustainable mobility pioneers Daloop, formerly GoWithFlow, who are sponsoring the Sustainable Cities panel.

Ade Thomas, Green.TV and Decarbonisation Summit founder, said: “This year’s Decarbonisation Summit will have a strong emobility focus, not just from the EV UK panel, but on the active travel side, too with leading ebike companies, EAV, Pure Electric and Brompton, all involved. 

“Our headline partner, SSE Energy Solutions are committing to building out 300 EV hubs in the UK, as part of a huge investment, at group level, of £24 billion in clean technologies, by the end of the decade.”

Nathan Sanders, SSE Distributed Energy managing director, said: “SSE is playing a leading role in enabling the transition we need to make as a society, to a low carbon world. 

“We pride ourselves on the energy solutions we bring to businesses and organisations to deliver their decarbonisation of Energy, Heat and Transport and accelerate them on the road to net zero, and we are proud to be part of the Decarbonisation Summit in Glasgow to help power change.”

For more information on the Decarbonisation Summit press here.

To register for online access to the event press here.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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