How to help drivers meet the 2030 deadline for the ban on the sales of petrol and diesel cars

By the time 2030 rolls around the government will be banning the sales of petrol and diesel cars. This is going to be a big change on the roads and for drivers. Fortunately, most of the big car brands already offer electric cars and the choice has never been better with more than 100 zero-emission models now available in the UK.

Research from vehicle leasing company LeasePlan UK, found that the majority (82%) of UK fleet managers are interested in having an electric vehicle in their fleet. While this sounds rosy, one-third (33%) have stopped preparing for the government’s ban on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles because they don’t have confidence in the deadline.  

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The study of 502 fleet managers showed that there are several perceived barriers to fleet electrification standing in their way. Around half (49%) think the process of switching to electric cars is time intensive. Also, over a third (34%) are concerned about a lack of charging points nearby, and three in ten (30%) are put off by the high price of electric vehicles.

The study also revealed that a further key issue is the lack of flexibility that fleet managers have in their current ICE vehicle lease contracts, with more than a fifth (21%) citing their inability to switch as a barrier to adoption. Given the current ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and considering over half (53%) of fleet managers stated that their fleet would increase in the next 12 months, the majority (81%) think having a flexible fleet vehicle leasing option would help their organisation to handle unpredictable changes.  

To help fleet managers LeasePlan is trying to encourage the use of cleaner electric vehicles by providing innovative and sustainable vehicle leasing solutions. To inspire people further it has have come up with two new products to help convert people to zero-emissions driving.

The first is a flexible plan, LeasePlan Flexible, that allows drivers and fleet managers to lease an electric car for between three months and two years. This is a great way to allow drivers to not only drive an electric car and discover their advantages, but also try different models. It also gives fleet managers the flexibility to manage drivers, grades and get a batch of identical vehicles if required.

The second plan on offer from the forward-thinking leasing firm is LeasePlan Confident. This is available to small and medium enterprises and small corporate customers and offers the opportunity of early termination due to life-changing events. This gives drivers and fleet managers confidence that vehicles can be terminated if necessary.

At ElectricDrives we like any plan that encourages the use of clean electric cars and vehicles. Offering shorter-term contracts is a great way of allowing drivers to sample electric driving and in most cases is an instant conversion to clean motoring. Also, by offering flexibility to change models and terminate contracts is a good way of giving drivers and fleet managers more confidence and control.

Chris Black, Commercial Director at LeasePlan UK, said: “Introducing flexibility to fleets is now more important than ever, given the impact of the pandemic over the past nine months. Fleet managers need increased support as they face sustainability demands and start their journey to electrification.

“That’s why we’re offering a range of flexible product propositions, that enable customers with varying fleet sizes and vehicle types the opportunity to benefit from a more flexible approach to fleet management.

“Our new offerings provide a safety net for our clients, which will help to protect them from unexpected events while giving them the confidence they need to make bolder decisions for the future.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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