Maeving: How this British motorcycle company is taking the electric vehicle market by storm

  • Maeving is a British motorcycle company that is making waves in the electric vehicle market with their fully electric motorcyles.
  • Maeving’s second model, the RM1S, sold out within 4 hours of its launch and has a highway-capable top speed of 70 mph.
  • They have expanded their operations into the United States and relocated to a larger headquarters in Coventry to meet increasing demands and introduce new models.

British craftsmanship meets electric innovation; Maeving’s electric motorcycles take the market by storm

Maeving, the innovative British motorcycle company, has emerged as a serious player in the electric vehicle market. With their unique designs and commitment to British engineering heritage, Maeving is revolutionising urban travel with their range of electric motorcycles.

Driven by a passion for creating the best electric motorcycles and a belief in harnessing Britain’s motorcycle engineering legacy, Maeving has quickly gained recognition for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. Not only do their motorcycles exhibit stylish looks, but they have also earned the title of “the coolest bike in the world” by the Daily Mirror – a testament to their extraordinary appeal. All Maeving motorcycles are proudly built in Coventry, the heart of the British motor industry.

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Meaving’s first offering, the RM1, is targeted at new riders seeking an electric motorcycle designed specifically for urban riding. This lightweight and fully electric bike features removable batteries, allowing riders to charge anywhere. With a top speed of 45 MPH and a range of 40-80 miles, the RM1 is the perfect choice for those embarking on their two-wheeled journey.

Building upon the success of the RM1, Maeving introduced their second model, the RM1S, which is now available for pre-order, with deliveries starting from May 2024. This bike has a highway-capable top speed of 70 mph, which allows riders to travel beyond the urban landscape. The initial batch of the RM1S sold out within a remarkable 4 hours, and the demand has remained consistently high since its launch on September 1st, 2023.

In 2023, Maeving made significant strides in the electric vehicle market, consolidating their position as a force to be reckoned with. They expanded their operations into the United States, starting in California, attracted by the state’s sunny climate, high number of EV adopters, and strong interest in Maeving motorcycles. Additionally, Maeving has relocated to a new, five times larger headquarters on Sibree Road in Coventry, allowing them to meet the increasing demands for production and introduce exciting new models.

Co-founders Seb Inglis-Jones and Will Stirrup express their immense pride in the new facility, stating:

“Walking around the new unit fills us with a tremendous sense of pride; emblematic of quite how far we’ve come so far, and our ambitions for the future.”

Maeving’s commitment to innovation, quality, and British craftsmanship has garnered attention and acclaim from industry experts.

As John Marcar, resident biker at Driven, puts it:

“The RM1 is a great-looking bike that perfectly does the job it’s designed for. Each and every time I’ve embarked on a ride on the RM1, I’ve been met with smiles, waves, and more questions than ever before whilst road-testing any vehicle – even £ 1.3 million worth of Danish hypercar.”

Exciting times lie ahead for Maeving, and we eagerly anticipate their accomplishments in the coming year.

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