How Rightcharge and Green Flag will simplify EV charging in the UK

  • Rightcharge and Green Flag partner to simplify charge point installation and promote EV adoption in the UK.
  • Green Flag users can access Rightcharge through their app, making it easy to find suitable charge points.

Together, they plan to simplify EV charging for good

Rightcharge, a leading platform for EV charge point installation in the UK, has partnered with Green Flag, a major breakdown provider. Their goal is to simplify the process of installing EV charge points and boost the adoption of emobility across Britain. Together, they aim to make EV charging easier, cleaner, cheaper, and more accessible for drivers nationwide.

Green Flag users can now access Rightcharge through their app. Drivers can easily find charge points using Rightcharge’s advanced recommendation engine. This integration eliminates the complexity of installing EV charge points at home or work. In turn, this makes it far more convenient for people to transition to emobility.

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What sets Rightcharge apart is its innovative Installer Management System called ‘Flow’. This system monitors every step of the customer journey to guarantee excellent service. Rightcharge only partners with top-performing installation companies, ensuring quick responses and high-quality installations for every Green Flag member.

In addition to simplifying installation, Green Flag customers who choose smart chargers through Rightcharge can enjoy substantial savings. On average, they can save £434 per year on energy bills. Smart chargers also use electricity that is approximately 25% cleaner than peak hours. These chargers automatically schedule charging during the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly periods.

As the UK approaches the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel vehicle sales, the number of plug-in electric cars is rising. By April 2023, the country had already registered over 1,250,500 EVs. This includes 760,000 battery-electric vehicles and 490,000 plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. 

The partnership between Rightcharge and Green Flag comes at a critical time. The pairing supports the transition to emobility and strengthens the public EV charging infrastructure across the nation.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be working with GreenFlag to make EV charging easier, cleaner, cheaper and more accessible for even more drivers. We’re excited to build this relationship to create a greener, more sustainable future for Britain.” 

Charlie Cook, CEO, Rightcharge

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