Hispano Suiza continues its international expansion process and arrives in Germany with the Mohr Group

Hispano Suiza, a Spanish manufacturer of hyper-luxury vehicles founded in Barcelona in 1904 by the Suqué Mateu family, continues its international expansion process. The brand’s new electric hypercars, the Carmen and its sportier sibling the Carmen Boulogne, will be sold in Germany by the Mohr Group at its exclusive showroom located in Motorworld München.

For Hispano Suiza, expansion into Germany is a huge challenge and one that is met with great enthusiasm. The exclusive 100-percent electric hypercars from the historic Spanish brand will enter the main automotive market in Europe. The aim is to attract the most demanding customers with a product with unbeatable technical and design characteristics.

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Hispano Suiza will be part of the range of models present at the new Mohr Group showroom located in Motorworld München. It is a 1,600-square-metre space where the Group, led by the Mohr brothers, Luis and Lorenz, will showcase an amazing display of luxury vehicles, hypercars and classics, many of which feature the latest in cutting-edge electric zero-emission powertrains.

It is great to see how those in the know in the super and hypercar world realise that electric motors are the future. The days of high-end old-world gas-guzzling internal combustion engine cars appear to be numbered as cutting edge technology, instant power and sustainability take over.

Miguel Suqué Mateu, president of Hispano Suiza, said: “Selling our fully electric hypercars, the Hispano Suiza Carmen and Carmen Boulogne, in Germany is one of the most important challenges we will face this year. We firmly believe that, together with the Mohr brothers, we will connect with customers and hypercar collectors in Germany, a country with a deep knowledge and passion for the automotive industry. “

Lorenz M. Mohr, managing partner of the Mohr Group, said: “We are honoured to become the first representative for Hispano Suiza Cars in Germany. We will offer all customers a great brand experience and the Carmen itself will take their breath away.”

Lorenz Mohr explains about the importance of the collaboration with Hispano Suiza

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
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