Hero’s Surge S32: where e-scooter meets rickshaw

  • Hero MotoCorp breaks new ground with the Surge S32 – a modular EV that transforms from a scooter to a three-wheeled rickshaw.
  • The Surge S32 switches from scooter to rickshaw in just 3 minutes, offering ultimate versatility in urban mobility.
  • It packs a punch with 6 kW for the scooter and 10 kW for the rickshaw, delivering both innovation and performance.

Hero’s Surge S32 morphs from e-scooter to rickshaw in 3 minutes, with power and versatility to match

Hero MotoCorp dominates India’s motorcycle scene with a lineup that covers everything from everyday commuters to high-end marvels. 

Breaking new ground, it has now just unleashed the Surge 32, a groundbreaking modular EV. This innovation marks the first of its kind from a mainstream manufacturer. The Surge 32 seamlessly transitions between an electric scooter for personal mobility and a three-wheeled rickshaw for transporting cargo or passengers. Buyers of the S32 are getting a two-in-one vehicle, combining versatility and efficiency in a single package.

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Surge claims an impressive three-minute conversion time, effortlessly transforming the scooter into a rickshaw. Simply slot the scooter into the front of the rickshaw, where its front wheel takes charge of steering duties. While in rickshaw mode, the scooter’s rear wheel remains unused, resting securely on the rickshaw’s platform. Both the scooter and the rickshaw feature their own independent motors and batteries. The scooter seamlessly couples with the rickshaw via an electronic connector, allowing the driver to use the scooter’s handlebar and controls to pilot the rickshaw with ease. 

When it comes to performance, the S32 boasts up to 6 kW of power (around 8 horsepower). The rickshaw, designed to handle heavier loads, packs a punch with a 10 kW output (approximately 13.5 horsepower). Leveraging existing technology from Hero’s EV subsidiary Vida, Surge ensures top-notch battery performance for sustained power. Moreover, Surge plans to introduce various rickshaw variations tailored to individual needs and preferences. From open-type rickshaws resembling pickup trucks to closed-type designs for passenger transport, Surge is committed to delivering versatile solutions for urban mobility.

As of now, the Surge S32 remains a concept, with no definitive launch date in sight. But, Hero’s bold step in creating a new vehicle category for the S32 underscores its serious commitment to transforming innovative concepts into tangible realities. With its impressive performance specs and adaptable design, the Surge S32 holds the promise of revolutionising urban transportation. 

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