Helixx unveils a pioneering concept with their new electric delivery van prototype

  • Helixx reveals a groundbreaking electric delivery van, showcasing its software-led manufacturing approach.
  • The van features a simplified body system with only five key components, reducing manufacturing complexity by 50%.
  • Helixx’s innovative approach aims to make commercial electric vehicles globally accessible.

Helixx, a pioneering UK-based technology company, has unveiled its first demonstrator electric delivery van. 

Scheduled for production in 2024, this electric delivery van is part of a comprehensive mobility solution. It’ll be complemented by a pick-up truck, open-body, and closed-body passenger vehicles. 

What sets Helixx apart is its streamlined approach to manufacturing – the van’s body system comprises just five key structural components, simplifying replication and assembly. Helixx’s team utilized in-house 3-D printing. That means they’re able to create components that significantly reduce manufacturing complexity, making the process up to 50% more efficient.

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The vehicle, based on a hybrid aluminium chassis, boasts a substantial 2100-litre capacity and can carry a maximum payload of 500 kg. Similar to Volta Trucks, they’ve utilized a central driving position. That will enhance both visibility and international appeal, ensuring compatibility with both left- and right-hand-drive markets. The forward-thinking design also optimizes load space and enhances overall adaptability.

At the heart of Helixx’s manufacturing ethos lies their proprietary technology stack, featuring software powered by Siemens Xcelerator. This platform not only simplifies but revolutionizes the production of commercial electric vehicles. 

Licensed Helixx users will essentially have the instructions and capacity to produce and print their own Helixx vehicles. The aim? To obliterate global entry barriers, making these vehicles commercially viable worldwide.

Steve Pegg, Helixx CEO and co-founder said: 

“As engineers and designers, we were determined to never lose sight of how and where Helixx vehicles will be produced. We deprogrammed our mindset away from conventional design principles to challenge the complexities of legacy manufacturing systems. 

We developed this demonstration vehicle to prove and stress-test the global replicability of our digital-first approach. The vehicle visually represents what licensed Helixx Mobility Hubs can produce in as little as 180 days from initial site survey to vehicles rolling out onto the street, offering subscribers access from $0.25 per hour. Our demonstration vehicle will now enable us to amplify our customer engagement and gain valuable feedback from the market.”

Helixx plans to initiate a Gen Zero production run, starting with 100 vehicles in the UK. Expansion plans include Southeast Asia. Helixx’s incredible approach to sustainability could change the way more manufacturers consider their processes, and could open the door to emobility on a large, affordable scale. 

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