Halfords and Cord Power: Supercharging your EV Experience right at home

  • Halfords and Cord Power join forces for hassle-free and affordable home EV charging.
  • One-click charging with effortless installation available now on Halfords’ website.

Halfords and Cord Power team up for seamless and affordable home EV charging, now just a click away on Halfords’ website

Halfords has amped up the electric scene, announcing a partnership with Cord Power Technologies to deliver a simple solution for at-home EV charging. 

After an electrifying EV servicing success across their UK garages, Halfords is revving up support for those embracing electric motoring with a new partnership with Cord, the premier home charging installation provider. Now, customers can effortlessly book Cord’s user-friendly home charging installation solution directly on the Halfords website. 

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Halfords opted for the Cord partnership due to its innovative and streamlined approach, making the often intricate and frustrating process of acquiring and installing the ideal home EV-charging solution a breeze.

Rich Bruce, Commercial Director of Halfords, commented on the partnership: 

“At Halfords, we believe in making electric vehicle ownership as easy as possible. For many drivers, a key concern around EVs is charging. We want to help demystify this for our customers, and this partnership will offer a simple, affordable and easy solution for those transitioning or considering transitioning to an EV.”

By offering a simple solution through the Halfords platform, the collaboration is set to make EV adoption more accessible, addressing barriers and making home charging more straightforward and enticing for a broader audience – in turn, propelling widespread adoption.

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