GWM updates its naming strategy, starting with re-branding the Funky Cat 

  • GWM shifts to a ‘branded house’ strategy with ‘ONE GWM’ in the UK.
  • GWM ORA adopts a numeric naming convention starting January 2024.
  • The shift aims for broad appeal, emphasizing tech advancements like wireless connectivity.

GWM ORA changes its naming strategy in Europe to better represent the brand’s range

Great Wall Motor (GWM) is spearheading a paradigm shift in the UK automotive sector with a strategic naming reformation. The move comes in the wake of an extensive brand update by GWM’s parent company. The transition will see the manufacturer transfer from a ‘house of brands’ to a ‘branded house’. This philosophy is encapsulated by the ‘ONE GWM’ initiative, to establish a cohesive brand platform.

GWM ORA UK is discarding traditional nomenclature in favour of a numerical convention. This rebrand will commence in January 2024. The ‘ORA Funky Cat’ now assumes the identity ‘ORA 03,’ signalling the commencement of a refined model lineup. The forthcoming ‘Next Cat’ is will debut as ‘ORA 07’ in 2024.

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The rationale behind this numerical system, proven successful in markets such as South Africa and Australia, correlates the model’s numerical designation directly with its size. This approach is designed to broaden appeal without succumbing to demographic constraints.

Toby Marshall, Managing Director, GWM ORA UK commented: 

“After one year of operations in the UK market, the GWM ORA UK team has made exceptional progress. This latest band strategy update affirms GWM’s commitment to the European region and the UK market in particular, where ORA Funky Cat has made a real statement already. We now move forward into 2024 and beyond with a new global brand strategy and many exciting new products on the horizon. I look forward to sharing more news about our full ORA 03 line-up and our highly anticipated ORA 07 very soon.”

However, the narrative extends beyond nomenclature. The technologically advanced ORA Funky Cat First Edition+, featuring a 63kWh battery with a WLTP electric range of 260 miles, is generating considerable interest. Limited to fifty units, it boasts premium amenities like heated front seats and automatic parking assistance.

Looking forward, GWM is utilizing advancements such as wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This is the beginning of a technological upgrade across the entire GWM ORA range. We’re excited to see what GWM’s brand update will bring, and how it will change their standing in European markets. 

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