GRIDSERVE Technologies spearheads green engineering and cutting-edge connectivity

  • GRIDSERVE Technologies: Advancing green engineering and technology.
  • Acquisition of Silver Power Systems strengthens IoT edge computing expertise.
  • Seamless integration of energy generation, EV charging, analytics for sustainable solutions.

GRIDSERVE launches an innovative green engineering project

GRIDSERVE, the sustainable energy company, launches GRIDSERVE Technologies to advance green engineering. They acquired Silver Power Systems, a leading expert in IoT (Internet of Things) edge computing and energy management.

Based in the GRIDSERVE Innovation and Operations Centre (GIOC) in Swindon, GRIDSERVE Technologies aims to enhance smart connectivity across the Sun-to-Wheel ecosystem. This includes energy generation, EV charging, electric vehicles, battery analytics, and data management.

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The GIOC acts as a central hub, housing R&D, logistics, procurement, and new product development, streamlining operations for efficient scaling. The integration of SPS’s IoT edge computing expertise with GRIDSERVE’s mission drives innovation.

IoT refers to the network of interconnected physical devices, vehicles, appliances, and other objects embedded with sensors, software, and connectivity, enabling them to collect and exchange data. 

This interconnectivity and data exchange facilitated by IoT technology plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability. By integrating IoT devices and sensors into various systems, such as energy grids, buildings, transportation networks, and waste management, it becomes possible to gather real-time data on resource consumption, environmental conditions, and operational efficiency.

With its proprietary IoT edge computing hardware, GRIDSERVE Technologies plans to tackle grid connection challenges. This could allow high-power EV charging alongside low-power grid connections.

GRIDSERVE Technologies utilises the GIOC for perfecting and accelerating advancements in sustainable energy. Through ongoing research, collaboration, and innovation, they continue to propel green technology in the industry.

“Efficiency and innovation are key to delivering net zero transport within the timeframes available to us to move the needle on climate change. In opening the GRIDSERVE Innovation and Operations Centre and announcing the formation of GRIDSERVE Technologies, we are taking big steps forward to harness the power that technology and data can deliver for the EV transition.”

Toddington Harper, GRIDSERVE CEO

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