GRIDSERVE, Hitachi, and a consortium of stakeholders are primed to electrify the UK’s HGV sector

  • GRIDSERVE’s Electric Freightway, in partnership with Hitachi and truck OEMs, introduces a nationwide EV charging network for HGV networks, focusing on challenging routes.
  • Across seven years, 200+ High Power charging sites will power 140 electric heavy goods vehicles, revolutionizing the sector.
  • The UK Government and Innovate UK underwrite the project with a £62.7 million investment.

GRIDSERVE, in collaboration with Hitachi and other stakeholders, prepares to electrify the HGV landscape in the UK

The Electric Freightway, a nationwide electric vehicle (EV) charging network tailored for HGVs, will become a game-changer in the race toward sustainable road freight transport. The heavy goods sector is a notable contributor to the UK’s transport carbon footprint, generating nearly 20% of the country’s CO2 emissions. Electric Freightway will address this issue head-on.

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This visionary project, sparked in July, is taking on a multi-pronged approach. Vitally, the consortium will install vital public charging infrastructure with the firm goal of decarbonizing the most challenging routes.

GRIDSERVE is spearheading the development, delivery, and operation of strategically located charging hubs. Concurrently, principal partner Hitachi ZeroCarbon will leverage data to steer the progress of electric HGVs.

The consortium of 20 key players will collaborate over the next seven years. The goal is to establish the necessary infrastructure and electrify the fleet within two years. Next, they will spend five years collating data on the electrification of HGVs. This data will be invaluable for the wider sector, with real-life figures demonstrating all successes, and any potential pitfalls, of HGV electrification. 

The project’s reach is extensive, embracing roughly 140 electric HGVs supported by an extensive network of High Power charging sites. GRIDSERVE and the consortium will strategically install these sites across major roadways and more than ten commercial depot charging locations. The game-changer? Over 200 High Power chargers will be installed, including two one-megawatt-capable chargers. Furthermore, the energy supplying this charging infrastructure is guaranteed to be 100% renewable.

The Electric Freightway project will form an integral part of the UK government’s ‘Zero Emission HGV and Infrastructure Demonstrator’ project. Innovate UK and the Department for Transport, are underwriting the project with a £62.7 million investment, with a horizon extending until 2030. As the wheels of progress turn, Electric Freightway propels us closer to sustainable, environmentally responsible road freight transport.

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