GreenStreet EV to debut its three-wheel Autocycle electric vehicle (EV) at CES 2023

GreenStreet EV Inc. is on a mission to change mobility for good and make the world’s streets a little greener. This innovative new startup will debut its new Autocycle electric vehicle (EV) for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2023 (booth #10876).

Duane Hughes, GreenStreet EV Inc CEO, said: “CES is the most important and impactful innovation event of the year, and it’s the perfect place to debut our first prototype to the world.

“Our goal with the GreenStreet Autocycle is to create a faster, safer and more enjoyable experience than our gasoline contemporaries.”

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The GreenStreet Autocycle is a neat-looking three-wheel, two-seater vehicle that looks like a cross between a motorcycle and beach buggy, just without any nasty emissions. Its unique design combines the excitement of a tourer with the practicality of a daily commuter. We do wonder if they will make a roof cover for wet days.

Dietrich Sneideraitis, GreenStreet EV Inc COO, said: “We are excited to get journalists behind the wheel of the GreenStreet Autocycle and will begin scheduling ride-and-drives during the show.”

Due to its three-wheel design, the Autocycle is classified as a motorcycle by the US Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This allows the vehicle to reach market more quickly at a fraction of the price. That said, no price has been revealed as yet.

The GreenStreet Autocycle will offer a range of up to 250 miles (402km) and offers a limited top speed of 80mph (129kph). It’s no slug either, reaching 0-60mph (0-97kph) in six seconds. For safety, it uses anti-collision software with an integrated roll bar structure in case of an accident.

The design of the Autocycle offers a low centre gravity which in turn helps with good overall handling and turning abilities. It uses the brand’s hub motor technology which helps with smooth torque delivery. Best of all there’s zero carbon output with no noise pollution.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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