Green.TV Media announces Digital Introductions for upcoming EV SUMMIT 

With just over two weeks to go until the fifth annual EV SUMMIT taking place on December 12/13, Green.TV Media, the event organisers, have announced it will feature a unique proprietary software tool, Digital Introductions. This unique tool will help delegates set up meetings with each other during the event in a simple and slick manner. 

The two-day EV SUMMIT brings together business leaders and key players working on electric vehicles, energy, information technology and charging infrastructure, to explore how we advance fully battery electric emobility in the UK and Globally.

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The Summit will feature 10 panels across two days covering the significant business issues on the rapid transition to emobiity. Each panel features discussions with leaders from that space. 

Panel sponsors include Visa, Shell Recharge, Improved Corporate Finance, Connected Kerb, Geotab, ABB, Auto Trader, BP Pulse, FLEETCOR and Scottish Power. Along with being a panel sponsor, Visa is also the headline partner for the panel event at the EV SUMMIT. Fleete will also be the evening reception sponsor.

Digital Introductions was developed specifically for the 2022 EV SUMMIT in partnership with Extrawest, the Ukrainian emobiltiy software house. Green.TV Media says Digital Introductions will be the app-based instance of its ‘Managed Introductions’ pre-arranged meetings process. 

This process of introduction has delivered multi-million emobility partnerships, including Energy Superhub Oxford. This is Europe’s most powerful electric vehicle charging hub and is located at the city’s Redbridge Park and Ride. 

Ade Thomas, Green.TV Media founder, said: “In the past, we’ve used off-the-shelf apps for delegates but none had the visibility for mapping out meetings that worked for our delegates. Working with Extrawest, we created Digital Introductions to be super elegant and to be emobility sector-specific.”

Max Reznichenko, Extrawest co-managing partner, said: “At Extrawest, we are both experts in the emobility sector and, at the management level, have a depth of experience attending emobility events. 

“When the EV SUMMIT approached us to build their Digital Introductions app, we were able to bring both sets of skills together to build, what with think, is a world-class business development tool for the emobility sector.”

This will be Digital Introductions 1.0 and the teams at Green.TV Media and Extrawest will be iterating, based on feedback from the 2022 EV SUMMIT, in the 2.0 instance of the app for the 2023 EV SUMMIT and the Ebike Summit.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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