GoWithFlow to rebrand as Daloop

Sat in amongst the pipework and storage tanks of a decommissioned oil refinery in Matosinhos, Portugal, and overlooking the dramatic and ever-changing Atlantic ocean, are a group of people who have already built and operated an integrated national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure that now administers over one million charges per month.

GoWithFlow, as they have been known for the last three years, turned that original experience and knowledge into the development and provision of software and services that enable organisations around the world to decarbonise their fleets whilst becoming the ‘back-office’ of charge-point operators and emobility service providers alike.

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Now, with significant expansion into the UK, Spain, and the US imminent, their Mobility Change Platform (MCP) solves all of the issues that those wishing to be a part of the EV charging ecosystem face.

Financially backed by Galp Energia, owners of the oil refinery and on their own journey away from fossil fuels, they’re becoming more and more familiar to those of us outside of Portugal which is helped, in part, by a forthcoming rebrand.

Over the coming weeks, months and years, as they work towards their goal of connecting one million assets, either vehicles or charge points, to their software you’ll hear a lot more from and about Daloop which GoWithFlow will shortly become.

Jane Hoffer, GoWithFlow CEO, said: “Anyone who’s been through a rebrand will know how difficult and time-consuming they are, but as we continue to grow, the questions we’d get about our name were beginning to grate a little.

“Daloop is concise and represents the company we are in a much cleaner way.  The new tagline ‘mobility change for good’ not only highlights the positive aspects of decarbonisation that we are immensely excited about but also reinforces its permanence.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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