Goodbye Routemaster? BYD aims to replace London buses with new electric model

  • BYD revealed its new all-electric double-decker bus, the BYD BD11, in London this week.
  • Painted in the synonymous London bus red, BYD is setting its sights on the BD11 being the bus of choice in London – and across the UK, too.
  • With a 532kWh Blade battery pack, the BD11 is set to travel at least 400 miles on a single charge.

Will the BD11 be the new electric bus for London?

BYD has already played a part in electrifying London’s public transport, with its partnership with Alexander Dennis leading to over 500 fully-electric buses operated by Go-Ahead on the capital’s streets. However, in this new model, BYD is going alone, with the BD11 set to be shipped straight from China at a cost of around £400,000 – approximately £100,000 cheaper than its competitors. 

This initial BD11 model is designed specifically for the streets of London – with two methods of charging, a conventional cable, and also a pantograph system, it will be able to take full advantage of the charging infrastructure Transport for London has already put in place – and be able to reach a full charge from 0% in just two hours. However, BD11 models with different specifications for bus operators outside the capital are also on their way. Batteries are set to be modular, so operators can pick a capacity that suits their needs, but an impressive potential range of at least 400 miles on the 532kWh pack should bode well, making electric buses viable on long-distance routes.

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The reveal is another boost to the UK’s growing electric bus fleet, which registered the most electric buses in all of Europe last, alongside the UK government recently announcing £143m worth of investment to bring another 1,000 electric buses onto the country’s roads.

Frank Thorpe, Managing Director at BYD UK Commercial Vehicles, commented:

“We are proud to launch our own all-new electric double decker bus with highly innovative, world-leading technology for safe and reliable electric mobility, providing operators with modern eco-friendly eBus options that meet their specifications, thus providing more people the choice to use clean, non-polluting bus services in the future.”

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