Get a sneak peek inside LEVC’s newest L380 luxury MPV

  • LEVC shifts from taxis to global emobility leader.
  • Peek into the lavish L380 interior: spacious, luxurious, electric.
  • Flexible MPV hits China first, global rollout underway; more SOA models on the horizon.

Revolution Road: Inside LEVC’s Electrifying L380 MPV and Beyond

Introducing LEVC’s newest reveal: the L380 Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is making waves with its sleek design and innovative features. It’s all about luxury and practicality rolled into one electric ride. With this launch, LEVC is taking big steps toward becoming a major player in the e-mobility world, moving beyond taxis to offer luxury sustainable transportation solutions. 

At a design event in Yishang Town, Hangzhou, China, LEVC pulled back the curtain on the artistic influences behind its latest masterpiece: the luxurious MPV. This stunning vehicle is the first of its kind to ride on LEVC’s Space Oriented Architecture (SOA) pure EV platform, a game-changing technology that unlocks unparalleled spaciousness and luxuriousness. 

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Alex Nan, CEO of LEVC, said: 

“As we accelerate our transition from manufacturing the world’s most advanced and iconic taxi to becoming a leading e-mobility technology company, I am delighted to reach another important milestone, revealing more details on our new L380, which sets new standards in the luxury MPV sector.

As with all our products, L380 takes inspiration from the company’s rich history, combined with the vast resources and technical innovation of the Geely Holding Group. It is full of exquisite details and delightful touches, combining space-efficient design with premium quality, raising the bar for multi-purpose vehicles.

The innovative SOA technology on which L380 sits spearheads our exciting new strategy that will see the business take a global approach, growing our footprint across the world. We aim to have a presence in over 40 countries in the coming years, with multiple new models based on the SOA platform leading the way.”

Crafted to perfection, the L380 merges airy, sophisticated space with premium materials, drawing inspiration from the realm of luxury airline travel. It features seating for up to eight passengers, featuring flexible first-class style chairs draped in semi-aniline leather. Need a nap on the go? Simply flip down the seats for a cosy sleeping experience. Complementing this interior are Alcantara fabrics, gleaming chromes, and delicate crystals, adding a touch of opulence to every corner of the cabin. 

See for yourself

Other details include an organic, floating dashboard complements the 2.18 sqm panoramic glass roof, providing ample natural light and intelligent dimming. Experience cultural fusion with traditional Chinese Ruyi shaped air vents and a captivating meteor shower cabin lighting effect showcasing iconic London landmarks.

On the outside, it’s sleek and aerodynamic, with a nod to aircraft inspiration. Its bold silhouette features details like a floating roof and London Eye-inspired wheels, accentuated by four dynamic body colours.

At the helm of the L380’s pursuit of luxury and space optimisation is LEVC’s Global Chief Design Officer, Brett Boydell, and his team based at LEVC’s Design & Innovation Centre in Ansty. This international team, comprised of top designers from various countries, boasts rich experience from prestigious luxury car brands. Their collective focus is on shaping the design of future SOA-based LEVC vehicles, ensuring innovation and elegance are at the forefront of every creation.

Brett Boydell, LEVC Global Chief Design Officer, commented: 

“Our exceptionally talented team is committed to developing innovations in automotive design across the themes of luxury and space optimization. The L380 MPV, the first of a new wave of pure electric LEVC products based on our SOA platform, truly breaks new ground, inspired by sectors such as luxury air travel and our international cultures, brought together by space-efficient and highly flexible cutting-edge technology, creating a high-level and luxurious atmosphere.”

With over a century of ‘mobility’ ingrained in its DNA, LEVC has consistently prioritised meeting societal transportation needs within urban areas. Grounded in the core principle of purpose-built solutions, LEVC’s new L380 model not only builds upon this rich heritage but also marks a bold leap into a fresh market landscape. By offering smart, green, safe, and accessible luxurious mobility, the L380 sets a new standard for interior flexibility. Initial launches in China pave the way for the MPV’s anticipated arrival in the UK within the next two years, promising a future where innovation and practicality converge seamlessly.

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