GeoPura powers the UK’s first hydrogen EV charging station at Cairn Lodge Services

  • Cairn Lodge Services unveils the UK’s first hydrogen EV charging station with GeoPura and SWARCO, pioneering sustainability in charging.
  • Green hydrogen-powered unit ensures reliable EV charging, addressing energy grid challenges.
  • Six rapid Westmorland EV chargers, fueled by green hydrogen, meet the growing demand for eco-friendly charging.

This innovative use of hydrogen EV charging could unlock remote emobility and aid grid stability

Cairn Lodge Services, a prominent member of the Westmorland Family, has unveiled the UK’s first-ever hydrogen-powered charging station. The site was built in collaboration with GeoPura and SWARCO Smart Charging. This initiative aims to address pressing energy grid challenges and propel the nationwide expansion of EV charging infrastructure. 

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Anne Buckingham, Managing Director SIS, part of SWARCO Smart Charging, recognises access difficulties for remote areas: 

“It is a challenge we see across many of our EV charging projects, so we are delighted to collaborate on this innovative project. The introduction of hydrogen power is a novel solution to accelerating the roll-out of EV charging infrastructure until the distribution of electricity can catch up with the demand from new EV charging sites.”

The family-owned motorway services business has integrated its Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). It runs on green hydrogen, with six ultra-rapid EV Chargers provided by SWARCO Smart Charging. This inventive setup acts as a crucial supplement to the existing grid supply. It ensures a dependable, isolated source of electricity for EV charging at the service station.

Nabil Subuh, CEO of Westmorland Family said, 

“Cairn Lodge Services is excited to offer the first hydrogen powered EV chargers on the UK motorway network. The rapid growth of the EV market has underscored the pressing need for accessible and reliable charging facilities.

As EV adoption soars, the pressure on the electrical grid has become increasingly evident, leaving businesses like Westmorland to look for creative, sustainable alternatives until there is sufficient grid capacity.  We want to be at the forefront of this sustainable and eco-friendly EV charging revolution, providing a convenient, green charging to our customers.

To the customer, the charging experience is no different to a grid connected charger, and by utilising this new technology we can provide much needed EV charging facilities sooner, meeting the growing demand without having a negative impact on the environment.”

This development holds potential scalability. It opens doors to off-grid EV charging in settings where traditional grid upgrades are logistically unviable. 

The collaborative effort establishes a noteworthy precedent for the future of EV charging infrastructure. The integration of GeoPura’s HPU EV charging solution, leveraging hydrogen to generate clean and efficient electricity. That directly tackles challenges posed by the burgeoning EV market’s rapid growth.

Andrew Cunningham, CEO of GeoPura, recognises the specific uses of hydrogen charging stations: 

“If we can charge our EVs from the grid, where in the UK 50% of the energy is renewable, that is by far the best option. However our existing distribution grid wasn’t designed to provide the energy required for an electrified transportation network. This means that many locations where we need to charge our cars don’t have sufficient power available to give the service that their owners require.”

The Cairn Lodge Services initiative is a novel and innovative use of hydrogen in EV charging. The site is an example of the myriad of technologies that must work in harmony for an equitable emobility transition.

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