GeoPura fuels the Ministry of Defence EV transition with hydrogen tech

  • MoD trials hydrogen charging for EVs at RAF Leeming, Merville Barracks, and HMNB Devonport, shifting to zero-emissions by 2027.
  • Hydrogen-fueled charging facilities target MoD’s non-tactical vehicles, dubbed the “white fleet.”
  • Collaboration with GeoPura ensures reliable, off-grid charging solutions, advancing the MoD’s energy transition goals.

GeoPura powers MoD’s green revolution

The Ministry of Defence has rolled out the first of three hydrogen-fuelled charging stations to power its non-tactical electric fleet vehicles, known as its “white fleet”. 

Kicking off at RAF Leeming, these hydrogen power units (HPUs) will undergo trials at HMNB Devonport for the Navy and Merville Barracks, Colchester for the Army. 

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This trial marks a pivotal move for Defence’s journey towards a zero-emission fleet by December 2027. It’s a strategic push to leverage innovative technologies for emission reduction while gaining operational edge.

Air Vice Marshall, Richard Hill, Director Defence Support Major Programmes, said:

“Working with the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), and the three Services, this trial will further our understanding of hydrogen’s place in Defence’s future energy mix. Using hydrogen to power some of our white fleet electric vehicles is a significant step forward in accessing a broader range of sustainable energy sources.  This will provide resilience and mobility in off-grid and compromised-supply locations.”

As part of the Sustainable Road Transport (SRT) programme, the trial focuses on hydrogen as a fuel source, paving the way for future EV management strategies within Defence. 

With an eye toward innovation, the Defence Support organisation will explore fully hydrogen-powered vehicles, demonstrating a bold commitment to sustainable military transport solutions.

Rebecca McLean, Chief Commercial Officer at GeoPura said:

“GeoPura is delighted to support RAF Leeming and the MOD in delivering off-grid charging for its growing EV fleet as part of the wider Sustainable Road Transport programme. As the adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) increases, there is often insufficient grid capacity or suitable infrastructure available to support recharging needs, particularly rapid charging requirements. Our hydrogen-powered generators provide a reliable and environmentally friendly source of power, ensuring seamless rapid charging for the RAF base, with zero harmful emissions, completely unrestricted by grid limitations. This flagship benchmarking trial led by Strategic Command’s Defence Support organisation, will be expanded across other services, including the Navy and Army, supporting its transition to zero-emissions tailpipe vehicles by 2027.

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