Genesis unveils innovative and hassle-free Plug & Charge program for electric vehicle (EV) customers

Genesis has announced its innovative Plug & Charge service, an advanced charging solution for hassle-free electric vehicle (EV) charging. Designed to deliver a seamless and secure charging experience, the bespoke system allows customers to simply plug in and charge without the need for a payment card or, once set up, a dedicated app.

Due to the successful collaboration with Shell Recharge, a leader in smart electric vehicle charging solutions, and Hubject, operator of the only productive Plug & Charge ecosystem, Genesis now offers its customers Plug & Charge, the ultimate charging convenience. It’s easy to use, drivers simply pull up, plug in and charge. 

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With no need for a mobile app or a payment card, Plug & Charge allows for smooth and seamless charging that is all part of the Genesis commitment to delivering a sustainable and fully connected premium electric experience.

Making Plug & Charge possible is the PCID (Provisioning Certificate Identifier), a special digital code that is unique to each individual Genesis and that is associated with a Shell Recharge charging contract through the Genesis Charge Pass. When plugged in to charge at a compatible station, the car instantly communicates with the charger. 

The charging contract is used to identify and connect the customer’s Genesis Charging account, completing the authentication process and starting the charging session. Once charging has ended, the customer’s Shell Recharge account is automatically invoiced and the customer is able to drive away. 

Setting up Plug & Charge is a straightforward process, at no extra cost for Genesis Charge Pass users. The customer simply enters the unique PCID from their Genesis into the Shell Recharge App and the PCID is linked to the customer charging contract. 

This data is registered in Hubject’s Plug & Charge ecosystem and is activated so that after installation, the entire charging process, from authentication to initiation to billing, happens instantly and automatically. Security is guaranteed, with Hubject protecting the Plug & Charge ecosystem and its related data as required by the state-of-the-art security standard, ISO 27001.

The Genesis GV60 electric SUV

Lawrence Hamilton, Genesis Motor Europe managing director, said: “We are delighted to be launching Plug & Charge, an innovative and advanced product that delivers the most seamless and convenient electric charging experience yet.

“Working in partnership with Shell Recharge and Hubject, Genesis has created an in-car payment system that fully reflects our commitment to cutting-edge technology and to delivering an unrivalled premium electric vehicle ownership experience. 

“In combination with the Genesis Charging program, Plug & Charge once again demonstrates our commitment to making sure Genesis customers are able to enjoy the most important luxury of all, time.”

Plug & Charge compatibility is available from April on all new model year 2023 GV60 electric SUVs and will be rolled out to model year 2023 electrified GV70 and G80 models within the second half of 2023. Genesis is also planning an install update to offer the Plug & Charge feature to existing GV60, electrified GV70 and electrified G80 owners. Exact product release dates will be announced in due course.

The new program allows Genesis to continue a commitment to hassle-free charging that started with the Genesis Charging program that brings together home and public charging under one easy-to-use account. 

With Genesis Charging, provided by Shell Recharge, customers can manage their home charging and have easy access to over 470,000 public charging points in more than 35 European countries, all controlled by a single app and with all charging sessions being billed to one invoice. Plug & Charge is already supported by IONITY and Aral Pulse fast chargers, with more networks to follow soon.

Genesis recently announced an expansion of electric vehicle sales in the United States. The brand’s EV lineup is now available at select retailers in 15 states. This is another significant step as Genesis moves closer to its commitment to a more sustainable future, with the brand committing to delivering an all-electric lineup by 2030. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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