General Motors expands electric truck portfolio with BrightDrop integration

  • General Motors (GM) integrates its electric truck subsidiary, BrightDrop, into the company.
  • CEO Travis Katz exits stage left, while CTO Anthony Armenta joins GM’s software division with Mike Abbott.
  • GM positions the move positively, offering a streamlined contact point for fleet customers through the new brand, GM Envolve.

General Motors folds BrightDrop, their electric truck venture from 2021, into the family mix

GM announces the absorption of BrightDrop, an electric truck startup originating from its Global Innovation organisation. BrightDrop’s former CEO Travis Katz, has stepped down during the process. However, BrightDrop CTO, Anthony Armenta, remains within the company. He joins the leadership team at GM’s software division.

A limited number of BrightDrop employees will be affected by these changes, primarily due to the elimination of certain positions. However, the company assures that the majority will have the opportunity to transition into alternative roles within GM.

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GM positions the absorption of BrightDrop positively. It highlights benefits for fleet customers through the centralized point of contact provided by its commercial brand, GM Envolve, launched in May 2023. GM Envolve covers the entire commercial portfolio. It features gas-powered and EV vehicles, as well as connected services and software for fleet customers. BrightDrop, initially designed for electric and connected product ecosystems, introduced its first products—the EV600 electric van and the EP1 electric pallet.

Rory Harvey, EVP and president at GM North America said:

“We are committed to helping our fleet customers drive their businesses forward. Our innovative commercial solutions and EV vehicle options ranging from the Chevrolet Bolt EV to the BrightDrop Zevo are all available through GM Envolve. This gives our customers one stop shopping for all their commercial needs.”

BrightDrop emerged in response to the surge in e-commerce and heightened demand for online deliveries, intensified by COVID-19. Launched with touted independence and a startup-like agility, BrightDrop’s focus on data-driven solutions aimed to optimise logistics, tracking routes, package movement, and enhancing operational efficiency. Travis Katz, BrightDrop’s CEO, envisioned a long-term role for the company as a software-centric solutions provider back in 2021.

GM set ambitious goals for BrightDrop, announcing during its investor day last November that the subsidiary was poised to achieve $1 billion in revenue by 2023. At that point, the company disclosed over 25,000 reservations and letters of intent from notable customers like Walmart, Hertz, and FedEx. However, as GM hasn’t provided a detailed breakdown of its financials, it remains uncertain whether BrightDrop successfully met this ambitious revenue target.

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