From coal mine to Electric Forecourt: Gridserve expands territory

  • Gridserve’s fifth Electric Forecourt in Markham Vale revolutionises EV charging, just seconds from the M1.
  • With double the current chargers, Markham Vale sparks a surge in EV adoption, like Braintree and Norwich.
  • Seamlessly integrated charging beneath the building, 30 EVs can charge simultaneously, with 360kW capacity for rapid charging.

Markham Vale: Gridserve’s Electrifying Evolution

Gridserve’s fifth Electric Forecourt in Markham Vale is officially under construction, bringing a cutting-edge EV charging hub just seconds from the M1.

Strategically situated near Junction 29A, this Electric Forecourt will be a lifeline for M1 travellers, empowering them with convenient charging options. For locals and businesses, it’s a green light to embrace EVs with confidence.

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Set to open this winter, it’s not just a pit stop – it’s a game-changer. With more than double the current public chargers in the area, Markham Vale will spark a surge in EV adoption, just like Braintree and Norwich did before.

Markham Vale joins the ranks of our pioneering Electric Forecourts in Braintree, Norwich, London Gatwick, and the soon-to-be-unveiled Stevenage. 

Markham Vale’s transformation from a coal mine to an Electric Forecourt marks a powerful shift in history. Once the heart of coal production since the 1880s, powering the region through the ages, Markham Colliery now finds itself at the forefront of a new era. As Gridserve paves the way for net zero carbon energy, this site will play a pivotal role in driving the country forward.

The story doesn’t end there. Markham Vale’s revival is a testament to the vision of Derbyshire County Council and landlords HBD, who orchestrated its transition into a thriving business and industrial centre, breathing new life into the community and creating countless opportunities.

The Electric Forecourt isn’t just about charging vehicles; it’s about charging progress. By aiding the decarbonisation of UK transport, Gridserve is not only fulfilling its commitment to a greener future but also aligning with Derbyshire County Council’s ambitious emission reduction goals. Together, they are lighting the path to a carbon-neutral tomorrow for Derbyshire and beyond.

Following the successful blueprint of sites in Norwich and London Gatwick, charging will be seamlessly integrated beneath the building, maximising space efficiency without compromising on power.

With room for 30 EVs to charge simultaneously, the High Power chargers will boast an impressive 360kW capacity, capable of juicing up EVs with 100 miles of range in less than 10 minutes.

The site is set to offer multiple charging connectors accommodating all types of EVs, with contactless payment options making topping up hassle-free.

But the amenities don’t stop there. While vehicles get their power boost, visitors can unwind in the waiting lounge complete with superfast WiFi, a cafe, convenience retail and a children’s play area. 

And for those curious minds, there’s a dedicated EV educational space, designed to increase understanding and awareness around electric vehicles. At the Markham Vale Electric Forecourt, charging up goes hand in hand with comfort, convenience, and education.

Markham Vale’s Electric Forecourt is more than just a charging station; it’s a symbol of progress. As Gridserve leads the charge towards a carbon-neutral future, this site revitalises its community and paves the way for widespread EV adoption.

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