Fresco unveils eight-seater electric vehicle (EV) with a range of 620 miles (1000km)

Fresco Motors AS, who are a Norwegian technology startup company, have unveiled the new Fresco XL. The eight-seater Fresco XL is a pure electric vehicle (EV) and what’s most impressive is that it will come with driving range of around 620 miles (1000km).

Currently, there is only one other car on the market, the beautiful looking Mercedes VISION EQXX which was unveiled earlier this year, with a range of 620 miles (1000km).

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From the pictures and video (below), the Fresco XL looks like a cross between a long sleek extended saloon car and a people carrier. Ultimately, it looks like a long futuristic pod. From the shape, it’s obvious that aerodynamics have been key in helping to achieve its long range.

Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, Fresco CFO and member of the board, said: “We are beyond grateful for all of the attention Fresco XL has received. Therefore we are pleased to present target specifications and more information about our all-electric POD.”

The Fresco XL will feature an electric motor on each axle to deal with the tough driving conditions associated with Norway, especially in the winter months from heavy snow. These will also help to power this bigger vehicle that seats eight.

Espen Kvalvik, Fresco CEO and chairman of the board, said: “Due to the harsh climates our customers are located in, we have chosen to equip each axle with their own electric motor.

“Not only will this standard equipment ensure better traction on slippery roads but the all-wheel-drive (AWD) will make the Fresco XL off-road capable as well.”

Fresco have not announced anything regarding the power of the battery pack as yet. The only point they have made is that it will be large, structural and double stacked.

Adrian Kristofer Locklindh, Fresco COO and member of the board, said: “The all-electric Fresco XL will come with an extra-large battery pack. As it will be double stacked, it will ensure an approximate 1000km of driving range per charge.

“In addition to a battery pack that solves the range anxiety problem, we are delighted to unveil that Fresco XL will come with aerodynamic rims, which will ensure a high energy efficiency.”

In addition to these key features, Fresco mentions some practical applications their electric POD can be used in. This includes becoming a backup unit during an energy shortage and being able to use it as a camper.

Kristofer Locklindh added: “In the case you need some additional energy, hook up your Fresco XL to your house or cabin. Due to its rather large battery pack, it would essentially work as a backup unit.

“As the Fresco XL is such an extra-large vehicle, you can quite easily use it for camping and road trips. All you need to do is pull down the seats to create a flat surface, put in your bedding and use it as a camper.”

Currently, the company are taking orders with an expected price of €100,000 (£84,000/$114,000).

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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