FREENOW celebrates 200 years of the first licensed cab in London by launching additional financial support for electric vehicle (EV) taxi drivers

FREENOW, Europe’s Mobility Super app, is celebrating 200 years of the first licensed cab in London, by pledging its support to taxi drivers with the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) while ensuring drivers continue to get the highest earnings through its app.

FREENOW wants to contribute to future-proof the taxi industry by doubling its EV subsidy for new drivers, to £4,000, while maintaining the existing EV subsidy for current drivers and the discounts on EV charging. This is off the back of a lack of financial support from the government when it comes to accessibility, affordable charging and financial packages. 

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This is great news for drivers looking into a career as a taxi driver while doing so sustainably and responsibly. Movement in cities needs to be zero emissions and cleaner for a better future for us all. 

With taxis being such an integral and iconic part of city life, FREENOW wants to ensure that the sector continues to thrive as it moves towards a more sustainable future, as drivers move to lower and zero emission vehicles, in line with the UK’s national net zero targets.

The journey to EV adoption requires better charging infrastructure for drivers and the upfront and running costs can be prohibitive. This often locks taxi drivers out of being able to enter or continue their careers. This is especially true in light of the cost-of-living crisis and increasing operational costs within the taxi sector. 

Calls for the VAT levied at on-street EV charge points to be levelled to that of domestic charging have gone ignored, as have calls for the Plug-In Taxi Grant for buying electric taxis to be extended.

With the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the first licensed black cab in London coming up on the 23 April, FREENOW will also be doubling the tips for taxi drivers across the UK over the weekend of the 2223 April. Plus the company will be offering its users 200 discounted taxi rides. This way, both drivers and users can celebrate this occasion and the key role taxi drivers play in moving people quickly and safely around the city but also as active members of their local communities.

Mariusz Zabrocki, FREENOW UK General Manager, said: “Anyone visiting or living in London knows that black cabs are an institution and an integral part of the city. So, it’s incredibly exciting to be celebrating 200 years since the first licensed cabs started to operate in London. 

“Having reached this milestone, it’s an important time for us all to look at what drivers need and see what we can do to ensure that the cab is here for another 200 years. Sustainable transport options are becoming more important to passengers and drivers alike. 

“We know that drivers need more support in the transition to EV – whether that is accessible and affordable charging or financial packages that help them purchase EV taxis. By doubling our EV subsidy for new drivers, we will be helping our drivers on their sustainability journey.

“As we pledge to continue to support the taxi industry, we also want to celebrate this special anniversary by doubling all the tips given to FREENOW taxi drivers over the weekend.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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