Fortescue launches cutting-edge UK technical innovation centre

  • Fortescue invests US$23 million in a green technical innovation centre in Kidlington, boosting the UK’s electric mobility sector.
  • The centre focuses on developing advanced batteries and zero-emission powertrains for various applications, employing 300 professionals.
  • Fortescue’s partnership with the Extreme H motorsports series highlights the UK’s leadership in global e-mobility innovation.

Inside Fortescue’s US$23 million green technology centre in Kidlington 

Fortescue, a global leader in green technology, has launched a cutting-edge technical innovation centre in Kidlington. The state-of-the-art facility is set to significantly boost the UK’s emobility sector. Backed by a substantial investment of US$23 million, the centre marks a significant stride toward shaping the UK’s green future.

The Kidlington centre, located at Oxford Technology Park, stands as a testament to the UK’s investment in emobility. The plant already employs 300 highly skilled professionals, with plans to expand by an additional 50 jobs within the next year. The centre is poised to become a hub of innovation in the electric mobility arena.

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Fortescue Executive Chairman and Founder, Dr Andrew Forrest, said:

“This new technical innovation centre in Kidlington will not only drive the leading edge of decarbonised motorsports, but also lead the way to decarbonising heavy industry as well.

Fortescue bought Britain’s best racing battery maker not only to help decarbonise our own operations, but to help other businesses to adopt zero emission technologies as well, and cement UK as a green technology and manufacturing leader.”

At the core of this venture is a focus on developing, testing, and prototyping cutting-edge batteries and zero-emission powertrains. These advancements will find applications across various sectors, ranging from motorsports to mining haul trucks. That means the developments made here could revolutionize the practicality and efficiency of all EVs.

A highlight of Fortescue’s initiative is its exclusive partnership for producing batteries powering the debut season of the Extreme H motorsports series, set to kick off in February 2025. This collaboration not only underscores Fortescue’s technological prowess but also positions the UK at the forefront of global e-mobility innovation.

Fortescue’s substantial investment reaffirms the nation’s investments in the emobility revolution. By focusing on decarbonization, sustainable transportation, and green technology, this initiative strengthens the UK’s position in the emobility landscape. We’ve seen investment in several emobility projects in the UK recently, including an injection of £89 million in green technology funding. The influx of investment signifies a positive step for the nation’s emobility plans. The potential is slowly building to create a fully-fledged, native supply chain. 

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