Ford powers towards the future with their new EV Centre

  • Opening of the Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Centre, Ford’s first carbon-neutral vehicle assembly plant globally
  • The facility represents a $2 billion investment in the production of next-gen electric vehicles for Europe
  • Annual capacity of 250,000+ EVs supports Ford’s goal of manufacturing 2 million EVs per year by 2026

Ford’s new EV Centre takes sustainable vehicle manufacturing to a whole new level

Today, Ford has opened the Cologne Electric Vehicle Centre in Germany. This advanced facility represents a major investment of $2 billion and will produce Ford’s next generation of electric passenger vehicles for Europe.

The new centre, built on a historic plant founded in 1930, will secure thousands of skilled manufacturing jobs. The investment represents Ford’s first carbon-neutral vehicle assembly plant. As a feat of engineering, this plant will pave the way for automotive manufacturers the world over.

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With the capacity to produce over 250,000 electric vehicles annually, the Cologne EV centre supports Ford’s global goal of manufacturing two million EVs per year by 2026. 

Ford recently revealed the electric Explorer, the company’s fourth global EV, which the Cologne facility will produce. This launch follows the success of the Mustang Mach-E, E-Transit, and F-150 Lightning models. By producing these electric vehicles in Cologne, Ford strengthens its foothold in the European market while meeting the increasing demand for zero-emission mobility.

Beyond production efficiency, the Cologne EV centre demonstrates Ford’s commitment to carbon neutrality across its European operations by 2035. The plant uses 100% certified renewable electricity and biomethane, which dramatically reduces emissions for a sustainable journey before the vehicle hits the road.

To extend the site’s sustainability, heat is sourced from an external power plant and waste incineration plant. The energy provider plans to reduce emissions by 60% in 2026 and eliminate them by 2035. 

Alongside technological advancements, the centre prioritizes ecological improvements. They will enhance biodiversity by introducing perennial forb vegetation, creating wildflower meadows, and establishing habitats for bats and birds. 

“Opening the Cologne EV Center is the start of a new generation of clean manufacturing and electric vehicles in Europe. This facility will now be one of the most efficient and environmentally responsible plants in the entire industry. I am thrilled to continue working toward a zero emissions future for our children and grandchildren.”

William Clay Ford, Executive Chairman, Ford

The Cologne EV centre symbolizes the automotive industry’s transition to EV production. The plant is a major step towards truly sustainable automotive manufacturing. The holistic approach to the site’s design incorporates multiple facets of low-carbon engineering. Could this revolutionary plant become the blueprint for all vehicle manufacturers going forward?

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