Ford partners with Octopus Energy and Tibber for affordable EV charging in Europe

  • Ford collaborates with Octopus Energy and Tibber for affordable EV charging in Europe.
  • Dynamic Charging, debuting in 2024 with Mustang Mach-E, optimizes costs and taps into renewables.
  • Ford’s green initiatives include ten EVs by 2025, full European electric shift by 2035, and a carbon-neutral plant in Germany.

Ford pushes their European emobility expansion with partnerships over affordable EV charging

Ford is accelerating into the future with a groundbreaking EV charging initiative. The automotive giant is partnering with Octopus Energy in Great Britain and Tibber in Germany, the Netherlands, and Norway. Together, they will make owning an electric vehicle (EV) more convenient and cost-effective by making their EVs cheaper to run. 

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Ford’s new Dynamic Charging feature will debut with the Mustang Mach-E. It offers access to innovative tariffs for at-home charging. Owners can use an app to input their desired charge level and departure time. The system then automatically optimizes cost savings and taps into renewable energy sources.

For Mach-E owners, the top priority is the cost of energy. According to Ford research, a massive 87% charge their vehicles at home. The collaboration with Octopus Energy in Great Britain and Tibber in other European countries promises tailored energy tariffs, allowing for affordable EV charging for a huge swathe of customers.

Michael Cottrell, partnerships director at Octopus Energy, stated:

“With every electric car that takes the road, we’re getting closer to zero emissions transport – but to reach the finish line, we need to make green driving cheap and accessible.

Our smart tariffs allow drivers to tap into cheap renewable power, potentially saving drivers hundreds of pounds a year while doing their bit for the planet.”

Børge Dvergsdal, manager, Smart Charging, Tibber, added:

“As the pioneers of smart charging in Norway and Germany, we are excited about this new partnership with Ford.

We are impressed with Ford’s ambitions and have a shared mission to empower consumers to use energy more smartly. To do so, consumers need the best tools available to take control of their energy consumption effectively, and our collaboration will offer consumers a seamless charging experience to the benefit of their wallet and the planet. We look forward to welcoming Ford customers to the Tibber universe.” 

Looking ahead, Ford plans to offer a total of ten EVs in Europe by 2025. The commitment extends to shifting the entire European vehicle lineup to 100% electric by 2035. As part of its broader sustainability goals, Ford targets carbon neutrality in its European operations by 2035 and envisions over half of its global production being electric vehicles by 2030.

In Germany, Ford has already marked a significant milestone with the opening of the Ford Cologne Electric Vehicle Center (CEVC). This facility, set to produce the new Ford Explorer and subsequent electric vehicles, is the company’s first carbon-neutral vehicle assembly plant globally. As emobility takes stride in the US, Ford’s decarbonisation ambitions further afield are essential in their fight to become remain one of the preeminent automotive manufacturers in the world.

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