Ford Mustang Mach-E GT performance electric car announced in Europe

Ford has announced that they will launch a performance version of their Mustang Mach-E all-electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) in Europe. The new GT version of the Mach E, which is Ford’s first all-electric car, is a family sized performance SUV that will compete with some of the best available.

The new Mach-E GT will feature an uprated all-wheel drive powertrain that will be powered by an 88 kWh battery with a range of up to 310 miles (500km). This battery will produce 459bhp that will see the GT and hit 0-62mph (0-100kph) in just 3.7 seconds.

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For comparison, this matches Tesla’s Model Y’s 0-62mph (0-100kph) time. This time also compares to 5.1 seconds for the non GT version of Ford’s Mach E. The new GT will have a top speed of 124mph (200kph).

At the launch of the new Mach-E GT, Ford confirmed that customers would also receive five years of free access to the brand’s expanding FordPass charging network. This network currently has more than 155,000 charging stations across the continent.

Stuart Rowleym Ford’s European boss, said: “The new Mustang Mach-E GT shows what all-electric performance really looks like, but performance counts for nothing without the confidence to use it.

“Our charging initiatives mean Mustang Mach-E customers can enjoy the electrified Mustang driving experience with the knowledge that they can recharge quickly and easily across Europe.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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