Ford and Allego collaborate to install ultra-fast charging across Europe

  • Ford and Allego are collaborating to revolutionise EV charging infrastructure in Europe.
  • Ultra-fast chargers will be installed at Ford dealerships across key European markets.
  • The initiative aims to address charging challenges, foster EV adoption, and enhance the ownership experience.

Ford and Allego sign a pivotal partnership to expand ultra-fast charging across the European network

Ford and Allego have embarked on a collaborative venture set to revolutionise electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure across Europe. This ambitious initiative seeks to address the critical need for fast and accessible charging solutions. 

Commencing in the first quarter of 2025, the rollout of ultra-fast chargers will span a period of three to four years. It will strategically target Ford’s extensive network of European dealerships. With capacities reaching up to 400 kilowatts, these chargers will be open to all EV owners, irrespective of their vehicle.

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Allego, a prominent player in the EV charging network, will lead the installation efforts. This positions the company at the forefront of the burgeoning EV infrastructure landscape. While Allego will manage the operation of the charging stations, revenue generated from these facilities will funnel back to the network provider.

The strategic focus of the initiative centres on key European markets. These include the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, and select smaller markets like Norway. Ford’s vast network of approximately 1,800 European dealerships will serve as prime locations for these chargers. They prioritse sites in urban centres or areas with anticipated high EV traffic.

Joerg Hofmeister, Ford Model e Europe’s Head of Charging and Energy, commented: 

“Ford believes charging infrastructure is one of the keys to giving consumers the confidence to make the switch to electric. Our new partnership with Allego is going to make the charging experience faster and more convenient for our customers, and encourage more drivers than ever to consider the benefits of zero emissions while driving in vehicles like our new electric Explorer.”

The strategic placement of chargers at dealerships allows Ford to showcase its EV offerings to a broader audience of consumers. This dual-purpose approach underscores Ford’s electric ambitions in Europe. It leverages its extensive dealership network to amplify brand visibility in the rapidly evolving EV market.

Oliver Adrian, Ford’s European Manager, Charging & Energy Strategy and Go-to Market, Ford Model e, said: 

“The new high-power charging stations will be included within the BlueOval Charge Network – Ford’s public charging service – which enables drivers to access and pay for charging at more than 600,000 charging points in Europe. A key benefit for Ford customers will be the Plug & Charge technology at Allego charging stations – providing fast and secure charging without needing to use an app or RFID card.”

The Ford-Allego partnership heralds a significant milestone in the evolution of EV infrastructure in Europe. By democratising access to fast charging solutions, the initiative not only accelerates the transition to sustainable mobility but also enhances the overall ownership experience for EV enthusiasts continent-wide.

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