FOR EV and Network Rail Scotland launch first of two Scottish high-tech charging hubs 

  • FOR EV and Network Rail Scotland launch advanced charging hub at Irvine, advancing fleet electrification.
  • The hub integrates tailored AC and DC charging tech to suit Network Rail Scotland’s needs.
  • Supported by The Scottish National Investment Bank, it emphasises a commitment to sustainability.

FOR EV is propelling Network Rail Scotland’s fleet to net zero by delivering the first of two charging hubs

FOR EV and Network Rail Scotland have achieved a significant milestone with the inauguration of a cutting-edge charging hub at Irvine. This initiative marks a pivotal step towards electrifying the operational fleet. 

The partnership has installed state-of-the-art AC and DC charging technology. They have chosen specific infrastructure to meet the unique demands of Network Rail Scotland’s fleet.

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Lindsay Wallace, Executive Director, Sales & Innovations Europe, FOR EV, said: 

“We’ve developed a strong working relationship and created a bespoke and beneficial solution for Network Rail Scotland. It enabled us to deliver a complex project on time and budget to the highest possible standards of compliance.

Network Rail Scotland has been a great organisation to work with and we are delighted to be part of their journey to Net Zero. We have demonstrated that we can meet the expectations of large and complex organisations who operate nationally important infrastructure, working to the highest standards of quality and assurance.

Transitioning a fleet of the past to a fleet of the future is symbolic of FOR EV’s overarching purpose, to help accelerate the move to more sustainable means of travel.”

An important aspect of the charging hub is its sophisticated load-balancing technology. This ensures optimal performance while minimising energy consumption. On top of that, the hub is serviced with 100% renewable energy. Impressively, the collaboration rapidly installed this hub in just a nine-week timeframe.

This achievement is not merely a standalone endeavor but part of a broader initiative – Network Rail’s National Road Fleet Transformation Programme (NRFTP). This ambitious undertaking aims to transition the entire operational fleet to zero-emission vehicles. 

Backing this transformative venture is The Scottish National Investment Bank. This major collaboration signals a unified commitment to accelerating Scotland’s emobility transition. 

Andy Clapp, Portfolio Director at the Scottish National Investment Bank, commented: 

“One of the Bank’s key missions is to support Scotland’s journey to net zero by investing in businesses helping to speed the transition. FOR EV are a great example of a company doing just that. They are working in innovative ways to help decarbonise transportation, creating a cleaner future.”

Beyond its environmental benefits, the charging hub offers practical advantages for fleet operators. By eliminating upfront capital costs and providing a transparent billing structure, FOR EV facilitates a seamless transition to electric charging.

Network Rail Scotland’s EV fleet will benefit from the Irvine hub. Moreover, they’ll also gain access to FOR EV’s expanding network of public charge points. Furthermore, the hub is just the first of two major strategic hubs planned in the region.

Wendi Wheeler, Principal Environment & Social Value Manager at Network Rail Scotland said: 

“Providing the infrastructure in our operational depots, to enable our road fleet’s transition to zero emission, is a challenge. We decided to look at things differently in Scotland, drawing in expertise and funding from outside of Network Rail to deliver charging infrastructure quicker and cheaper than it would otherwise have been. FOR EV and Energy Assets have demonstrated excellence throughout and provided expert guidance on the technology as we make the changes necessary to decarbonise our road fleet.” 

The inauguration of the charging hub at Irvine exemplifies the collective efforts of FOR EV, Network Rail Scotland, and their partners in driving innovation and environmental stewardship in the region’s transportation sector. It also highlights the importance of fleets in directing the installation of EV infrastructure. Large fleets are turning to future-proofing, with substantial investments in charging and EV procurement. The rapid installation of the Irvine hub, and the collaboration’s upcoming second hub, are a massive boost to Scotland’s infrastructure.

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