First look at FIAT’s upcoming electrified classic, the Grande Panda

  • FIAT teases the Grande Panda, inspired by the 1980s model, offering electric and hybrid variants for global markets.
  • Designed in Turin, Italy, it boasts a sleek, robust design with vibrant colours and 17″ diamond-cut alloy wheels.
  • The Grande signifies FIAT’s move to a universal platform, focusing on innovation and eco-friendly solutions worldwide.

FIAT teases the Grande Panda, the next electrified classic model in its growing line-up

FIAT unveils the new Grande Panda, a compact family car inspired by the iconic 1980s Panda. This marks FIAT’s move towards a universal platform, transitioning from localised production to a worldwide market approach.

The Grande will be available in electric and hybrid versions across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, catering to environmentally conscious consumers. It falls under the B-segment category, measuring just under 4 meters long, ideal for both urban mobility and family comfort.

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Celebrating its 125th anniversary, FIAT introduces the Grande Panda as the first in a series of new global models planned through 2027.

Designed at FIAT’s Centro Stile in Turin, Italy, it embodies a compact yet robust design with clean lines and vibrant body colours like yellow, showcasing an unmistakable Italian flair.

FIAT CEO Olivier François, expressed excitement:

“The best way to celebrate FIAT’s 125 years is to start writing the first pages of our future, starting with the new Grande Panda. Designed in Turin, Italy by our Centro Stile, FIAT’s new creation embodies its forerunner’s values. This compact car is based on a global platform, giving the Brand the opportunity to expand its global reach. With the Grande Panda, FIAT now begins its transition to global common platforms that cover all regions of the world, passing on the resulting benefits to its customers worldwide. In fact, the Grande Panda is perfectly suited for families and urban mobility in every country… a real FIAT!”

The Grande aims to cement FIAT’s position as a player in the rapidly growing EV market. The family-friendly classic with its electric twist will surely make a splash upon its upcoming release.

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