First electric Ferrari gets closer, with new ‘e-building’ factory launch

  • Ferrari opened a new factory in Maranello this week, producing both current ICE models and the manufacturer’s upcoming first electric car – granting it the name, the ‘e-building’.
  • Once Ferrari shuts down its Maranello-based trigeneration energy plant later this year, the e-building will run 100% off renewable energy, with the addition of 3,000 solar panels on the roof.
  • The launch comes ahead of the unveiling of Ferrari’s first EV, set to be revealed in 2025.

Ferrari’s electrification gears up

Ferrari is set to unveil its first electric supercar next year, with a rumoured price of at least $535,000. That price is well above other electric performance cars such as the Porsche Taycan, and as we still wait for Ferrari’s rivals such as Lamborghini and McLaren to release a fully-electric car, Ferrari will likely be one of the first to the market in this particular price segment.

While the new facility will also produce outgoing models, the new facility is geared up for electrification – particularly important for the manufacturer to meet its goal of 60% of sales being hybrid or fully electric by 2026. It’s not just vehicle assembly taking place at the e-building either, with production and development of electric powertrains also set to take place here. While it’s an easy assumption to make, the ‘e’ in e-building does not actually stand for electric, but rather three words: energy, evolution, and environment.

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Italian President Sergio Mattarella was also seen at the launch of the factory, with Ferrari President, John Elkan, commenting:

“We are honoured to have President Mattarella with us for the inauguration of the e-building, a plant that combines the centrality of the people in the workplace with respect for the environment… Investing in our territory is essential to prepare ourselves for Ferrari’s future with confidence and confirms our commitment to Italian excellence and to our country.”

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