Fiat Professional officially launches its new E-Ducato 100 percent electric van

Fiat has officially launched its E-Ducato 100 percent zero-emissions electric commercial vehicle. The launch coincided with the 40th year of the Ducato. The new E-Ducato’s batteries are optimally placed under the floor increasing interior space. The new electric model has a load volume of 10-17m³ depending on the model version with a payload of up 1,950kg.

The location of the batteries also helps with the van’s handling and driving characteristics. The electric motor offers maximum torque of 280NM delivering up to 90kW of power (121 horsepower) and can accelerate 0-31mph (0-50 kph) in five seconds. It will be available in 47kWh and 79kWha battery versions that offer four types of charging mode, three of which will be available at launch.

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With a 47kWh battery, the E-Ducato can travel up to 106 miles (70km) and up to 146 miles (235km) in the urban cycle. With a 79kWh battery, the distances increase to 174 miles (280km), equivalent to 224 miles (370km).

The E-Ducato will also be able to charge up to 62 miles (100km) in around 30 minutes. Fiat will also guarantee the batteries for 10 years or 136,701 miles (220,000km) on the 79kWh version and eight years or 99419 miles (160,000km) on the 47kWh model.

Fiat says that the maintenance costs for the E-Ducato will be about 40 percent lower than a vehicle with a conventional engine. Its total cost of ownership (TCO) in its main missions can therefore be expected to be in line with the diesel versions.

This a great result, making the vehicle sustainable not only from an environmental perspective but also an economic one, providing a business-oriented solution. In Italy, the E-Ducato is priced from €42,700+VAT with a trade-in. Included in the price is the Top Care by Mopar program, including routine maintenance and a warranty extension to five years or 120,000km.

Eric Laforge, head of LCV Enlarged Europe at Stellantis, said: “For the E-Ducato, we started from the idea of creating not only a green vehicle but also a complete mobility solution, characterised by versatility, reliability, efficiency and sustainability at both an environmental and an economic level.  

“In short, a working tool to build up your business while respecting the precepts of ecology, a model ready for every mission, uncompromisingly aiming to be the benchmark in the market and to be equipped with the same capabilities as vehicles with internal combustion engines.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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