Fastned wins a major “Deutschlandnetz” tender to expand fast-charging across Germany’s highway network

  • Fastned wins 34 sites in Germany’s “Deutschlandnetz” for highway fast-charging stations.
  • Expanding in northern Germany to meet rising electric vehicle demand.
  • Emphasizing improved tender conditions for better customer experience at charging stations.

Fastned secures 34 sites across Germany, accelerating the European shift to emobility

Fastned, the European fast-charging company, has secured a victory in the “Deutschlandnetz” highway tender. As such, the company has the opportunity to establish fast-charging stations at 34 highway service areas across Germany. This accomplishment pushed Fastned towards their goal of deploying 1,000 fast charging stations across Europe by 2030.

The company’s initial expansion focus in Germany will be concentrated in the northern region. The “Deutschlandnetz” tender is spearheaded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport and Autobahn GmbH. It will bolster fast-charging infrastructure along German highways. This nationwide initiative involves constructing fast-charging stations at 200 unmanaged service areas, addressing the escalating prevalence of electric vehicles.

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Expected to be operational by 2025, the new fast-charging stations are critical in facilitating the transition to emobility. The ability to rapidly charge without detours is integral for drivers. It enabling a seamless continuation of their journeys for extensive distances.

Securing one of the six lots in the tender, Fastned will equip the stations with cutting-edge 400kW chargers. These 400kW chargers will provide a quick 15-minute charge catering to diverse vehicle types.

Linda Boll, Country Manager of Fastned Germany, commented:

“We can now offer our customers the Fastned service directly on the German highway for the first time. This is a huge gain, both for us and for the expansion of the fast-charging infrastructure in Germany. Our 12-year experience in building and operating fast-charging infrastructure in many European countries makes us a reliable partner here.”

This triumph follows Fastned’s success in the first part of the “Deutschlandnetz” tender, where they secured two lots encompassing 92 search areas. The company inaugurated its inaugural station in Düren in December 2023 as part of the regional lots.

As Fastned prepares for substantial network expansion, particularly in northern Germany, it aims to engage in a dialogue with Autobahn GmbH and the Federal Ministry to elevate the overall charging experience for customers. The company’s 12-year experience in building and operating fast-charging infrastructure positions it as a credible partner in propelling the emobility transition forward.

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