Fastned commits to quality electric vehicle (EV) charging by joining safety endorsement body ChargeSafe

Fastned, the European rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging company, has subscribed to ChargeSafe, a public charging endorsement body that independently inspects and rates EV charging locations. 

ChargeSafe, founded by Kate Tyrrell, is an independent, public charging endorsement body that is committed to improving and maintaining safety and accessibility for electric vehicle drivers using the UK’s public charge infrastructure. 

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It measures site expectations to deliver a safe and easily accessible charge experience, to every motorist in the UK. It provides the charge-point networks with valuable insights and detailed feedback as to what improvements can be made and where they are required, as well as real-time feedback accessible via a dashboard. 

ChargeSafe is inspecting and rating all of Fastned’s UK-based charging locations this year, based on over 60 criteria for safety and accessibility, with ratings out of five made publicly available. By subscribing, Fastned can review the detailed data behind the scores to identify specific areas to further improve the charging service it offers its customers. 

ChargeSafe’s accessibility criteria have been developed in line with the draft PAS1899 BSI standards for accessible charge points. Combined with detailed safety criteria, from lighting and CCTV to nearby facilities and busyness, the simple rating system will provide drivers with more informed charging options for day and night. 

This is a hugely useful tool for electric car drivers to know that where they intend to charge is working, that it will work with their car, and most importantly, that it is a safe environment in which to charge.

Fastned is a leading European rapid charging company that was founded 10 years ago in the Netherlands. Operating a quickly expanding network of more than 200 stations across six countries, Fastned opened its first UK-based station in Sunderland in 2019. With its long-term experience, Fastned offers an ultra-rapid charging concept that is highly valued by its customers.

Tom Hurst, Fastned’s UK country manager said: “Fastned was set up a decade ago with a mission to bring freedom to electric drivers. Freedom means not worrying about when and where you’re going to charge; knowing there are enough chargers, that they’ll work, and that payment will be smooth and easy. You also want to feel safe, comfortable and secure when charging, wherever or whoever you are. 

“Charge Safe’s mission to drive up consumer standards echoes our own. We are proud not only to work with Kate and the team to improve our offering but to support Chargesafe in raising the profile of the importance of safe, accessible and comfortable charging for all drivers.” 

ChargeSafe will be assessing all Fastned stations, with the recently launched flagship station at Energy Superhub Oxford scoring a rating of 4.28. 

Kate Tyrrell, ChargeSafe co-founder, said: “The aim of ChargeSafe is to support the public charging networks to identify areas for improvement with greater accuracy, championing what’s being done well and ultimately leading to a more inclusive charging experience for the UK. 

“We’re delighted to be working with a leading European rapid charging network such as Fastned and we hope other charging networks follow suit soon to give drivers better charge options when considering their safety and accessibility needs.” 

James Court, Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England CEO, said: “It’s great to see another major Charge Point Operator commit to the highest standards for their stations. 

“Accessible, safe and reliable charging is going to be critical for the continued uptake of electric vehicles. With growing momentum behind the ChargeSafe commitment, we hope to see more operators sign up to improve safety and accessibility across the board”. 

Earlier this year, Fastned announced it had raised €23 million to finance further growth of its electric vehicle fast-charging stations. In addition, investors extended over €7 million (£6 million/$7.34 million) worth of investments from earlier issues, bringing the total issued amount in this round to nearly €30 million (£25.7 million/$31.4 million).

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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