FairCharge publishes its “Little Book of EV Myths” to fight the FUD

  • The new free-of-charge digital book has been created by FairCharge founder Quentin Wilson in collaboration with the RAC, FullyCharged Live, Stop Burning Stuff, Charge Safe, and Recharge UK
  • It covers 21 EV topics, including areas such as range anxiety, the environment, and ownership costs.
  • The aim of the book is to set the facts straight on electric vehicles, with the use of data statistics to disprove commonly-touted myths.

A new book to defeat EV myths

The book also clarified the recent Luton airport car park fire, which was caused by a diesel-powered car, not an EV or hybrid as has been widely rumoured on social media. The book also fights the myth that EVs are worse for the environment, as was also disproved by Volvo a few weeks ago with a life cycle assessment of its new EX30. The book will primarily be a free-of-charge digital release, but physical copies will also be handed out at the Everything Electric Show taking place over the next few days.

We can expect to see similar content from EV campaigners and OEMs alike in the future. It’s not the first time we’ve seen a campaign like this, with Audi UK previously teaming up with celebrity Rory Bremner to create short videos busting EV myths.

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FairCharge Founder, Quentin Wilson, commented:

“So many myths and misunderstandings have built up around EVs and electrification that we thought we’d publish a handy guide to help separate fact from fiction. Some of the more outrageous myths are actually putting private buyers off electric cars. Last week someone told me that they would never buy an EV because he’d heard that ‘old batteries are being thrown into the sea.”

RAC’s Head of Policy, Simon Williams, added:

“There are far too many myths in circulation hindering the take-up of EVs, so FairCharge’s work to dispel them is very welcome. We badly need these positive messages to be spread far and wide so they’re embedded in drivers’ minds ready for the next time they change vehicles. We will continue to support FairCharge’s work and propagate the truth about the many benefits EVs bring.”

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