EVs are to blame for absolutely everything, according to new research

According to research out of the Institute for Reverse Mobility, EVs are to blame for absolutely everything, worldwide. That includes the obvious targets of all car fires (including combustion engine fires) and potholes, but also some of the less clear issues across both transport and, indeed, wider society, including obesity, the recent pandemic, bird flu, pretty much all conflict, the cost of living crisis, and the rising rate of divorce. EVs have also been proven to have caused the sinking of the Titanic.

Dr Frank Enginebender, DhP, Executive Director of the Institute for Reverse Mobility, said: ‘We’ve conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative psycho-data research, worldwide, on the subject of mobility mayhem, and we can irrefutably confirm that pretty much all of the world’s woes are the result of electrical cars.’

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We approached respected EV commentator, Nigel Farage, to respond but he was, reportedly, unavailable for comment while allegedly attempting to beat the world record for longest continuous combustion engine drive without visiting a rest room.

Ade Thomas, Founder, World EV Day, said: ‘Sadly, I’ve been campaigning for the uptake of EVs for nine years now, under the false misconception that cars with no tailpipe / pollution pipe were actually better for the environment and wider society, but, on the basis of this significant new development, it appears not. Oh dear.’

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