Everrati Advanced Technologies (EAT) partners Hobson Industries to electrify Land Rover models for security and defence projects

Everrati, a leading global technology company specialising in the redefining and futureproofing of automotive icons, has today announced a new partnership between Everrati Advanced Technologies (EAT) and Hobson Industries Limited. This is to provide its industry-leading electric vehicle (EV) expertise for the production of electrified Land Rover vehicles.

Hobson Industries, an internationally renowned engineering-based company established in 1987 by Peter Hobson, offers through-life support for heritage Land Rover models, encompassing everything from parts supply to full vehicle builds.

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These include armoured and soft skin variants of Land Rover models, all of which have had internal combustion engines (ICEs) up until now. As part of the new collaboration, Hobson Industries’ vehicle builds will benefit from EAT’s state-of-the-art electric powertrains. 

These are already proven in Everrati’s range of electrified icons, which include a Land Rover Series IIA. The electrified models developed with Hobson Industries will be used for security and defence projects.

Drawing upon Everrati’s unique combination of engineering experience, EAT was established earlier in 2022 following the rapidly growing demand for Everrati’s high-end electric vehicle (EV) solutions.

Its product line-up includes an electrified GT40, Porsche 911 and a redefined and electrified Land Rover Series IIA. All of been developed at the company’s technical centre in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire

It incorporates a brand-new EV powertrain courtesy of the company’s expert team of industry specialists from world-leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The off-roader’s 60kWh battery pack has a power output of 150bhp and 300Nm of torque reinvigorates the car’s original character.

Justin Lunny, Everrati CEO and founder, said: “We are delighted to announce this new partnership with Hobson Industries, a globally renowned expert in every aspect of through-life management of classic Land Rovers. 

“One of the most ubiquitous vehicles in active service in the security and defence sectors around the globe, these industries are increasingly embracing electrification especially where quiet, stealth vehicles are required.

“Everrati Advanced Technologies is expertly placed to support the transition of these older vehicles to a clean and sustainable future. The combination of Hobson Industries’ unparalleled reputation – and its connections to the security and defence sectors – with EAT’s state-of-the-art EV propulsion systems is unique.”

Peter Hobson, Hobson Industries managing director and founder, said: “Few companies can match Hobson Industries’ ability to offer through life support management and development of Land Rover heritage vehicles in both military and civilian platforms. 

“Across the markets we serve in the UK and globally, we have established close relationships with the people that trust and depend on us. I am delighted to partner with Everrati Advanced Technologies. I have always said that thanks to us, the Land Rover need never die. With EAT that statement has never been truer.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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