EV SUMMIT launches the Summit-as-a-Service Managed Intros 24 partnership process

  • The EV SUMMIT’s Managed Introductions and Managed Intros 24 facilitate year-round high-level business meetings in emobility.
  • Managed Intros 24 offers access to over 25,000 sustainability and emobility contacts for a year for continuous business growth.
  • EV SUMMIT’s networking has led to multimillion-dollar partnerships, such as Europe’s Redbridge EV hub, advancing emobility.

Managed Intros 24: Taking networking to the next level at the EV SUMMIT 2024

The EV SUMMIT is all about bringing high-level speakers, influential delegates, and innovative businesses together, in the same room, to plot a course for success.

Collaboration is key to developing the green ecosystem of ideas and initiatives that will propel the UK, and the world, towards decarbonisation. That’s why the EV SUMMIT offers a unique networking feature: Managed Introductions. This year, Managed Introductions is bringing all new opportunities, with Managed Intros 24.

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Firstly, what is Managed Introductions?

The Managed Introductions process allows delegates to schedule pre-arranged meetings with speakers, sponsors, and other attendees. In the classic offer, delegates can use an online platform that connects them with a database of 2,000 senior decision-makers and buyers for 30 days. This system has facilitated deals worth tens of millions, and has opened conversations that have advanced businesses to new levels.

Panel partners benefit even more. Each gets a dedicated account manager who ensures a minimum number of meetings during the two-day summit and over the 30-day online period. 

Managed Intros 24

Following the success of Managed Introductions, the EV SUMMIT has introduced Managed Intros 24. 

This initiative, part of the Summit as a Service partnership process, decouples the pre-arranged meetings from summit attendance. It opens the summit’s extensive database of over 25,000 high-level sustainability and emobility contacts to partners throughout the year.

Managed Intros 24 offers 24 high-level meetings across a full calendar year. A dedicated account manager matches partners with potential clients, ensuring business development continues year-round.

Ade Thomas, founder of Green.TV Media, the business behind the EV SUMMIT, commented:

“The summit has already led to partnerships into the many tens of millions, including Europe’s most powerful EV hub, the Redbridge hub, part of Energy Superhub Oxford. With the new Managed Intros 24 process, we will fast charge the transition to emobility for our partners.”

Managed Intros 24 exemplifies how the EV SUMMIT continues to innovate in fostering connections and driving forward the emobility industry. Coupled with the summit’s bespoke app, open to all delegates, and with ample networking opportunities throughout the two-day event, the EV SUMMIT 2024 is set for unparalleled success. 

Contact the EV SUMMIT today to discuss your networking options – https://www.evsummit.biz/ev-summit-partners

Secure your delegate pass, here – https://www.evsummit.biz/delegate-pass

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