EV startup, Forseven, to produce models by 2030, rivalling luxury EV brands

  • The newly created British EV manufacturer Forseven, which has only recently started gathering up a team with several job vacancies still open, is set to take on producers of other luxury EVs, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Rolls-Royce.
  • The name ‘Forseven’ derives from seven principles that the company will meet in all its electric vehicles.
  • This includes striving for lightness and to bring the emotion back into driving.

A new entrant to the luxury EV market

Whilst the brand’s landing page gives little away as to how many EVs we can expect, and in what forms, the current staff lineup confirms that Forseven has the kudos to be taken seriously against well-established rivals. The head of manufacturing quality, for instance, has undertaken a similar role at both Volta Trucks and BMW Group. Meanwhile, CEO, Nick Collins, was previously the executive director of vehicle programmes at Jaguar Land Rover.

With the brand’s roster of EVs potentially landing at the end of this decade, coinciding with the time that the luxury EV game will be in full swing. Bentley will put an electric powertrain into the Continental GT for the first time in 2027, whilst the first fully-electric Range Rover is also arriving in the near future.

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It remains to be seen what specific price points Forseven will target, and whether this will extend to higher end EVs such as the £330,000 Rolls-Royce Spectre. It’s also unknown, yet, where manufacturing for these British-designed EVs will take place, but Forseven is assuring us that more information about the brand is just on the horizon.

CEO of Forseven, Nick Collins, said:

“We are creating something genuinely different, a new take on an established industry, with a growing team that is knowledgeable, experienced and deeply passionate about this endeavour. Our bold ambitions will be enabled by a culture of collaboration and openness – it’s an incredibly exciting journey.”

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