Synetiq expands its Winsford site to become a new cutting-edge facility for processing electric cars vehicles

    Synetiq, the UK’s largest vehicle salvage and recycling company, has announced its intention to expand and invest in its Winsford site in Cheshire to deal with the growth of electric cars. The new site will be a state of the art facility for processing electric cars and vehicles.

    With the prime minister’s recent announcement of a ban on all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, the move will support the company’s ambition to drive sustainability, innovation, and compliance, whilst delivering great value for clients.

    The bespoke processing plant will feature purpose-built de-pollution facilities, as well as remodelled premium dismantling for parts, and electric vehicle battery storage facilities. Synetiq already has specialist equipment and processes in place to handle electric cars and vehicles, as well as hybrids, while maximising safety and compliance.

    New recycling processes are also in development, alongside additional logistics capabilities to future-proof the business. Over 50 staff have been trained to handle electric car and hybrid vehicles safely, and further training and investment are scheduled to upskill Synetiq’s team. This follows a £500,000 investment in electric car handling capabilities already completed at the company’s Gloucester site.

    Synetiq’s ethos is to reduce, reuse, reman and recycle. They take an integrated approach to ensuring how vehicles are assessed and either put back on the road or dismantle them for parts. This ensures maximum reuse and minimal environmental impact and supplies vital, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable original components to the repair sector.
    John Schofield, Executive Director of Synetiq said: “I am so proud of how the business I started back in 1974 has gone from strength to strength. I have always moved with the times and what our clients and customers want. This investment and commitment to our base in Cheshire is the next chapter of a very exciting story for Synetiq”.

    Ian Osborne
    Ian Osborne
    Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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